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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Yeah idk, I know being in order makes sense but B/W gave us freedom with e4 at least, so I'd like to think B2W2 would give us that sort of freedom with gym leader rematches in B2W2. :x
Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
But I agree with Forever, I'd like to be able to choose who I go up against when I want to, like HG/SS did.
Well if this were the case, I'd still prefer if there was no time limit nor specific dates specifying when we could rematch them. Like plenty of people, I would probably miss it and/or not really care to. :[ Kind of like the Casteliacones, I always miss the days we get 'em, so I don't really bother with them much.

Aside from the whole rematch situation, I wish that none of the Gym Leaders have duplicate Pokémon again. At all. Elesa had two Emolga, and that slot could have well been saved for a great Electric type like Joltik. Now that older Pokémon are here, the Gym Leaders have no excuse to have two of the same Pokémon.

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