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    Current to today's release, the Trace ability has the following error:

    In a Trainer Battle where the opponent's Pokemon is KO'd, in Shift Mode the player is prompted to send out a new Pokemon. If that Pokemon knows Trace, it will immediately Trace the opponent's fainted Pokemon, instead of waiting until the Trainer sends out their next Pokemon before activating.

    EDIT: Found something else. Trainer Battle, Shift Mode- Player selects an attack, opponent is faster and use Explosion (probably SelfDestruct, too). The opponent's Pokemon is KO'd and the player is prompted to shift. After the new Pokemon is sent out, the attack selected BEFORE the explosion (which never happened, thanks to the opponent killing itself first) occurs despite that pokemon being recalled.
    Also, Explosion/SelfDestruct seem really weak... Going to see if it's something in moves.txt doing that.
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