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    Misty had received her ticket for the airplane boat- which was much more convenient than transferring through many ferry systems- and was now staring out the window as she snacked on plane peanuts. Azurill dozed in her lap, curled up in a ball.

    For a while, all Misty could see was a vast stretch of sparkling blue ocean with familiar Pokemon swimming in it. The red jewels of Tentecruel sailed the surface of the water, flanked by a school of Magikarp and Goldeen. A flock of Pidgey and Pidgeotto rode the air, lead by a Pidgeot- Which made Misty wonder if that was Ash's Pidgeot he had let go to lead the Pidgey flock so long ago. (Amazingly she still remembered that)

    But after a while the familiar Pokemon had disappeared in the water and sky, seeming to be like a void in the Earth. But this void didn't last too long because soon after some unfamiliar Pokemon appeared- and as if prompted, the intercom let the passengers know that they were preparing to land in Unova.

    The land had come into view and Misty's nerves rose to its peak.What was she going to say to Ash when she found him? When she had visited Ash and Brock last, she was going to the 'Togepi Festival'- she had had a reason. She hadn't even contacted him- her sister demanded it be a surprise- no e-mail or anything. Misty was annoyed by her childish fears. She had traveled with Ash for a long time and he was her friend, no big deal- But a lot had changed.

    The plane-boat landed at the harbor. Misty nudged her Azurill gently to wake it before getting up from her seat and exiting the boat.

    The Unova region seemed to have a strange air to it- at least different from Kanto. This town, all the people and Pokemon were all strangers to her. Ash must be in heaven. Misty thought with a smirk. She knew how Ash loved traveling and discovering new Pokemon. Once he found a new region, it was inevitable that he would explore it.

    As Misty started wandering around, a voice startled her and she turned to see a random person walking up to her. "What is that Pokemon?!" The guy asked.

    Misty blinked. "An Azurill, why?"

    "Hey! An Azurill, that's a Hoenn region Pokemon!" Another person chimed in, walking up to get a closer look.

    Within seconds, she was the center of attention and became surrounded by tons of people admiring her Azurill. Tears started to from in Azurill's eyes.

    As her anger rose, an outburst erupted from her mouth and made everone jump back with wide eyes. "LEAVE AZURILL ALONE!!!" She had yelled as her Pokemon started crying.

    Everyone cleared a path for her as she tried to calm her baby down and escape the crowd. What was that about anyways?! Why is it such a surprise to see an Azurill?

    "That's a rare Pokemon you've got there." Another voice said. Misty turned to see a tall women with brown hair put up in a strange hair style.

    "Why is Azurill considered rare?" Misty growled-she was still irritated by the previous scuffle with the crowd.

    "Well it's just that it's a rarity to see a Pokemon that's not in the Unova region here. In fact, there was a young man here not too long ago from Kanto with a Pikachu who was also the center of attention."

    Misty's heart leaped from her chest. "He came through here?" Misty asked her hopefully

    "Yeah." The woman answered, "A friend of his I'm guessing?"

    Misty nodded. "How long ago was he here?"

    She scratched her head as she looked like she was making an effort to remember. "Well... Hmm, let's see... Actually, not too long ago. But..." She started pressing buttons on a watch she was wearing. "I have his Xtranciever number if you want."

    Misty would have said yes but Daisy would never let her hear the end of it if she made it 'that easy', plus that would make her disguise pointless. "N-No, that won't be necessary." She said quickly.

    The woman looked at her strangely. "Are you sure? Unova is a pretty big region..."

    Misty thought for a moment before coming up with an idea. "Could you ask him where he is but not say anything about me?" She requested.

    "Sure, but he may leave there if we don't tell him to wait." The woman blinked at her.

    "It's alright." Misty assured her, although inwardly regretting it. Here she had direct contact to Ash where she could meet up with him easily. But it wasn't just her sister's nagging that was keeping her from revealing herself, it was also this whole idea of it being a surprise and her being undercover- she wanted to have fun with it.

    As the woman started to contact him, Misty backed away out of view so he wouldn't see her but she could still see the Xtranciever screen from a distance.

    "Hello Ash!" The woman said cheerfully as his face appeared on the screen.

    "Professor Juniper!" He said in surprise.

    "I just thought I'd call to check on your progress." Prof Juniper explained-only half the truth.

    "Oh, I just got my second badge!" He boasted and pulled out his badge case to reveal two shimmering badges. "And now I'm heading to Castelia City to get my next badge!"

    "Ah, Castelia City. That's past the Skyarrow Bridge right?" The Prof checked, catching Misty's eye.

    "Yep." He responded.

    "Careful not to get lost there, that's a huge city."

    This was killing Misty, it was taking all her willpower not to shove her face in view of the phone and talk to him. She just wished that the Prof would hang up already.

    A girl then peeked her face into the phone with a strange Pokemon poking out of her gigantic hair. "Don't worry Prof, I won't let this little kid get lost."

    Misty raised a brow. Little kid?

    "Stop calling me a kid." Ash grumbled in a tone that suggested she had called him that many times before. "And when have I ever gotten us lost?!"

    That was too much for Misty, she couldn't stop the laugh that escaped her. When they used to travel together, Ash had always gotten them lost. In fact, he was notorious for his bad sense of direction.

    "What was that?" Ash asked, blinking.

    Misty put a lid on it, covering her mouth with her hands and making an effort to stay quiet.

    "Erm... That was a Pidove. They're real noisy you know." Prof Juniper lied lamely. But of course Ash fell for it.

    "Don't worry Professor. I have the map, we won't get lost." A man with green hair said as he came into view of the screen.

    This made Misty sad. Where was Brock? Was he no longer traveling with Ash? She wanted so badly to ask Ash where Brock was. Hang up! She urged silently.

    "Alright well I'll let you get back to your journey. Good luck Ash." Professor Juniper said.

    "Thanks Professor!" Ash responded, followed by a 'Pika Pi' from Pikachu as the Xtranciever went black.

    "So they're in Castelia City. That's not too far away but it's pretty far if you want to catch up to him." Prof Juniper explained.

    "Well I'm not stopping at the gyms to get badges, I'll be able to catch up to him pretty easily." Misty assured her. "Thanks for checking where he was."

    "No problem and good luck!" The Professor waved to her as she started through the town.
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