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    "Your Staryu is now at full health." Nurse Joy said cheerfully as she handed Misty her Pokeball.

    "Thanks Nurse Joy." Misty was amazed. Not only were the Pokemon all different but so were the Nurse Joys! With a smirk she remembered how Brock would go after every Nurse Joy- scratch that- every GIRL he met, confessing his undying love for them. She would always have to keep him in line every time he did. This made her wonder who kept him in line all this time. Ash? And had Brock rubbed off on Ash at all yet? She was mystified (no pun intended) at how anyone could stay oblivious with Brock around.

    "No problem, good luck on your adventure." Nurse Joy responded.

    "Thanks." Misty nodded slightly to Nurse Joy before exiting the center. She wondered where she should go next but the response came from her stomach.

    "That's right, the only thing I've eaten since breakfast were plane peanuts." Misty realized and started searching for a restaurant. She had money with her but not enough to make a habit out of eating out. "I need to find the group soon so we can have Brock's delicious cooking again." She said and her taste buds got pumped. That was one of the things she missed about Brock- having to cook for herself for months with her sisters being gone- and a cooked meal would be nice.

    She found a cheap restaurant and got the food to go, retracing her steps back to a grassy field with a pond she had found on the way to the town so that she could feed the Pokemon too. "Come on out Staryu and Gyarados." She threw their Pokeballs in the water, catching them as they flew back to her. The two Pokemon popped out of the water, Gyarados roaring and spraying some misty (no pun) water from its mouth.

    Misty set Azurill down and Ducklett flew off of her shoulder as she took off her jacket and started digging through her Spheal backback- which she had had on under her jacket. She pulled out some Pokemon food and fed each of her Pokemon before she herself started eating. "None of it's as good as Brock's but we'll meet up with them eventually."

    She looked down at her burger she had bought with a sigh. Why were salads so expensive? She didn't really feel like having a greasy hamburger today. But she still ate it, along with her french fries and soft drink until it was nothing more than a bag and wrappers.

    "Everyone done?" She asked her Pokemon.

    They all responded with a nod and their respectful cries.

    "Alright, because it's getting pretty late. I'd better find a place to turn in for the night." She looked towards the setting sun; which was turning the sky pink, purple and orange with breathtaking beauty.

    "Return everyone." She simultaneously returned Staryu and Gyarados. When she tried to return Ducklett though, it dodged it and shook its head repeatedly.

    "Duck duck ducklett!" It protested.

    "Hmm? You want to continue to travel on my shoulder?" Misty asked.

    "Ducklett!" It cheered and hopped on her shoulder, nuzzling her.

    "Alright! Alright! Just let me put my backpack and jacket back on." She said while giggling.

    She gently put Ducklett down, put her backpack and jacket back on and then picked up Azurill. "Come on Ducklet, let's go."

    The blue duck flew back up onto her shoulder and so the trainer started walking back towards Accumula town.

    As she entered the town, she noticed a big crowd gathered together.

    "Wonder what's going on over there." Misty pondered aloud.



    "Let's go check it out." Misty walked over to the crowd and squeezed her way in until she could see what they were gathered around.

    Up on a makeshift stage were men in strange suits holding up poles with waving flags that had the words 'PZ' and a medieval design on it. In the center of the line of strange men was a man in a kingly robe with wavy green hair and a weird device over his left eye.

    "My name is Ghestis. I am here representing Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Pokemon liberation." The kingly man began.

    "Huh?" One person asked.

    "What?" Another murmured.

    "I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokemon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other. However... Is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that perhaps we humans... only assume that this is the truth?

    "Pokemon are subject to the selfish commands of trainers... They get pushed around when they are our "partners" at work... Can anyone say with confidence that there is no truth in what I'm saying?" Ghetsis challenged.


    "I don't know..."

    "No way." Misty input softly in disagreement.

    "Now, ladies and gentlemen, Pokemon are different from humans. They are living beings that contain unknown potential. They are living beings from whom we humans have much to learn. Tell me, what is our responsibility toward these wonderful beings called Pokemon?"

    "What could it be?"

    "Liberation?" Someone guessed.

    "That's right! We must liberate the Pokemon! Then, and only then, will humans and Pokemon truly be equals. Everyone, I end my words here today by imploring you to consider the relationship between people and Pokemon... and the correct way to proceed.

    "We sincerely appreciate your attention." Ghetsis dipped his head curtly as the other strange men picked up their poles, lined up, and gathered around Ghetsis as if they were protecting him. With that they all made their way towards the exit of the town.

    As the group of strange people left, the crowd of bystanders started to break up but were still talking about what they had just heard. Misty considered what they said but she didn't believe it.

    People and Pokemon were friends and they helped each other out. If the Pokemon were unhappy, wouldn't they have left their trainers by now? Refused to battle? Misty loved her Pokemon, but did they really love her back?

    Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard a man calling out his Pokemon. She turned her attention to him to see that he had sent out a little alligator Pokemon.

    STOP!!! Now open another tab and look up the Pokemon track: "Tears after the Storm" That song just randomly started playing in my head as I was writing this. Lol. Seriously, try it. It's perfect with it!

    "Sandile, I had no idea I was making you so unhappy." The man kneeled down to be at the Pokemon's eye level. It looked up at him curiously, looking slightly concerned since it most likely sensed his emotions. "I never thought about what you might have been feeling having to battle all those Pokemon. I know the best way to make it up to you is to liberate you. I'm... I'm so sorry!" The man was getting choked up, despite his rough appearence.

    Sandile crawled closer to its trainer, looking up at him with a mixture of curiosity and sadness. "Sand sandile?" It asked.

    "I'm sorry for everything." The man stood up and started to walk away.

    Sandile followed.

    The man turned back. "You're free." He set its Pokeball to release. "Now go, you are no longer my servant!"

    Sandile looked extremely hurt and confused. "Sandile? Sand!" It cried out as its trainer walked away from it.

    Misty couldn't believe what just happened. That trainer let his Pokemon go just because of that speech. And the Pokemon looked sad, not relieved to be liberated. She stomped up to the man and stood in front of him with a glare. "How could you do that to your Pokemon!?"

    The man looked at her in shock before shaking his head. "I was making my Pokemon my servant by making it battle for me. It deserves better than that."

    "You're wrong! You're making it unhappy now, look at it!" She gestured towards the Sandile, who was still staring after the man in disbelief and sadness. "It has no idea why you just released it! Wouldn't your Pokemon be fleeing for the wild by now if it had really been suffering? It loves you, and right now it thinks you're abandoning it, not setting it free! Don't let that speech ruin a friendship."

    The man looked back at his Pokemon with eyes full of emotion. He stared at Sandile for a while as if deep in thought before closing his eyes and turning away. "I'm doing what's best for my Pokemon."


    "Stay out of my business, I know what I'm doing." The man growled before walking away without another glance at Sandile.

    Sandile stared after his former trainer before turning away, crestfallen, and walking away sadly with its head hung and its tail dragging the ground.

    Misty's heart was breaking at the sight of this. How could he just let his Pokemon go like that? "You call yourself a trainer when you just abandoned your Pokemon!?" She spat after him.

    The man just ignored her and kept walking.

    "Ugh! Why do people have to be so stubborn!?" She sighed in exasperation.



    They both looked at her in concern.

    "What's wrong?" Misty looked at her Pokemon to see them staring after the Sandile. "Don't worry. I wouldn't do that to you guys."

    They looked at her for reassurance. "Really. Unless of course you ever wanted to be set free."

    They looked reassured by this and knew they could rest easy.

    "Well, let's turn in for the night." Misty said aloud and shot one last disgusted look at the trainer who just abandoned his Sandile before going to the Pokemon Center.


    Misty woke up as the sun peaked onto her face with its warm rays. She slowly got out of bed as not to disturb her sleeping Pokemon and exited the room. She entered the main room of the Pokemon center and went straight to one of the phones there.

    Misty dialed the number and waited for the relentless ringing to cease before an answer finally came. It was audio only, a setting that Misty had set for safety purposes on the Cerulean phone that could be activated to picture and audio if the caller was trusted.

    "Hello, Waterflower residance, Daisy speaking." Her sister had answered.

    "Hey Daisy, it's me, Misty." Misty responded.

    "Oh hey! You like made it." Daisy switched the phone to video. "Did you find your boyfriend yet?"

    "No, and he's NOT my boyfriend! I told you I just miss him." Misty protested angrily.

    Daisy just smirked. "Not YET at least."

    Misty glared at Daisy before sighing. "So how's everything going with the gym?"

    "Don't sweat it little sis, I've got everything under control." Daisy waved a hand in dismissal.

    Misty wasn't positive if she believed her so she pressed further. "Keeping the Pokemon fed?"

    "Uh, yeah..." Daisy looked at her with a 'duh' look.

    Misty gave her a hard stare. "And the tank clean?"

    "Like it doesn't need cleaning YET!" Daisy gave her an exasperated look.

    "And how are you doing with battling?" Misty asked the question that really bugged her.

    "No problem." But Daisy looked slightly nervous.

    Misty narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure? How many battles did you win?"

    "Well, we ARE just here to provide these trainers with badges aren't we?"

    Misty's stare became harder. "Answer the question Daisy."

    "Well, I kinda like, gave away a badge to a trainer or two..." Daisy answered nervously.

    "'Or two?'" Misty repeated with a growl.

    "Or three... Okay! All of the trainers that entered yesterday!" Daisy admitted. "I tried to battle, I swear! But it was just SO tiring!"

    Misty was about to give her sister a piece of her mind but reminded herself of the favor Daisy was doing her and contained her anger. "Daisy, do you want our reputation to suffer? It took me a while to build up that reputation. Battles really are pretty fun when you get into it."

    Daisy sighed. "Alright, alright. I'll try again. But just for you."

    "Thanks Daisy."

    Daisy then narrowed her eyes. "But only on one condition." She could barely contain the evil grin coming to her lips.

    Misty dreaded what her sister was going to say and reluctantly asked "and what's that?"

    Daisy's grin widened. "If you promise me nieces and nephews from me letting you go visit this guy."

    "WHAT!?" Misty screamed at the screen and stood up abruptly with people staring at her. Her face was red as a tomato and her eyes blazed.

    Daisy just laughed. "Bye little sis." She hung up before Misty could scream at her.

    Smart move. Misty thought angrily before turning away from the screen and back to her room, feeling people still staring at her.

    Azurill and Ducklett had woken up and looked up at her as she entered the room. "Are you guys hungry?"

    They both nodded.



    "Okay, we'll grab some food before we leave this town. I wonder how far it is until that bridge and whatever city the Professor said Ash was heading to." She thought aloud as she packed her belongings. "Oh well, the faster we get there, the better." She picked up her Pokemon and left the center.


    Misty grabbed some more food from a fast food restaurant and found another nice, relatively secluded area for her and her Pokemon to eat. She couldn't help but feel rushed and impatient, she just wanted to be with the group again- traveling alone made her feel a little lonely.

    She had found a town map in the Pokemon center and figured out that she had to go to Striaton and then Nacrene city before she got to the bridge that lead to Castelia. Sighing, Misty closed her eyes and tried to relax. She still had so far to go.

    "If only I could have brought my bike. Stupid plane wouldn't let me take it on." Misty muttered before taking an irritated bite out of her chicken nugget ( idk.). "If I had my bike I could have been there by now." Reminiscence crept up on her as she remembered this thought had run through her head often after Pikachu had fried her bike and she followed Ash, demanding that he pay her back.

    "And then it got fixed..." She muttered grimly. She knew that wasn't the real reason that she had to leave but she couldn't help but remember it. Why was she even here? Ash looked like he was happy to see her the last time she visited him, that proved that he didn't see her as his annoying stalker. But at the same time he didn't seem like he cared too much that she had to leave again.

    Her mind kept going back to that day she had to leave for the first time.


    "You did a great job on it Nurse Joy." Ash had said enthusiastically. "now Misty can get home to Cerulean faster." He was referring to Misty's bike that had been repaired from it's charred state.

    That comment hurt. It was bad enough that she had to cease traveling with Ash and Brock to watch over the stupid gym without Ash sounding so happy about her having to leave.

    Her face scrunched up in anger and pain. "Gee thanks a lot Ash!" She spat.

    He looked at her in confusion. "Why are you being so grouchy?"

    "Just leave me alone!" She snarled and ran out of the center, trying not to show how much his harsh words were hurting her.


    It seemed like he didn't care. Later he proved that they were still friends and promised that they'd see each other again. But were those hollow words or did he really mean it?

    Misty shook her head repeatedly. She was really over analyzing things. He didn't hate her... did he?

    Azurill looked at her in concern and leaped into her lap, nuzzling her comfortingly. But Misty hardly noticed, she was busy sighing for what seemed like the millionth time that day. Why did she even care so much? He most likely didn't care this much for her, all he cared about was Pokemon. But she knew deep inside that that was one of the things she liked- no, loved- about him: how much he cared for Pokemon.

    She didn't want to dwell on her thoughts any longer so she stood up and returned her Pokemon. "Come on guys, the faster we get to the next town, the better." But as she continued down the road, she found herself starting to dread every step that brought her closer to finding Ash.
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