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    "Dang it!" Misty spat as the tail of the Tympole that just got away disappeared in the water. She was soaked from head to toe with her hat dripping water. Shaking her wet sleeves, she shot a glare at the water. Who knew that a whole huge group of Tympole would come and overwhelm Misty and Ducklett so that the one they were trying to catch could get away?

    "Oh well, guess that's the wrong type of Pokemon to try and catch." Misty grumbled.
    Ducklett looked disappointed at its failure, although it wasn't its fault.

    "It's alright Ducklett." Misty assured it and patted its head. "You did great, it's just our bad luck that the Pokemon's group came." She stood up. "Let's go, we're almost to Striaton."

    They started walking towards the city that had just come into view. Before they could make it to the city though, a voice stopped them.

    "Hey you! Stop right there!"

    Misty turned to see a random kid holding up a Pokeball.

    "You're not going anywhere without battling me first!"

    Misty sighed. "Look kid, I'm in a hurry here."

    The kid gave her a mocking look. "I think you're just scared of losing."

    Misty glared. "That's not it!"

    "Chicken!" He made chicken noises and started walking around like a chicken.

    "Fine! I accept your challenge! But make it quick!" Misty snapped.

    The kid smirked. "You got it."

    "Go Ducklett!" Misty called and pointed a finger. Ducklett flew off of Misty's shoulder and spread its wings with a caw.

    "Ducklett!" It quacked.

    "Go Patrat!" The kid threw his Pokeball and a chipmunk with strange eyes appeared.

    "Patrat, use growl!"

    "Ducklett, water pulse!"

    Patrat growled, lowering Ducklett's attack. However, Water Pulse was unaffected and still connected at full power.

    "Patrat!" The kid cried as the Pokemon was blown back and started staggering around in confusion.

    "Ducklett, Wing Attack!"

    "No Patrat! Snap out of it! Bite!"

    Ducklett rushed at Patrat but before its wings could strike, Patrat came to and bit it.

    Ducklett cawed in pain.

    "Oh no! Ducklett, get it off of you with Wing Attack"

    Ducklett swung its wing but the Patrat held on tight.

    "Bite harder Patrat!" The kid ordered.

    Ducklett squaked in pain.

    "Ducklett! Think Misty..." She then remembered a powerful attack that Ducklett had used on her. "That's right! Ducklett, use that wind attack you used on me earlier!"

    Ducklett looked back at her in confusion before cawing in realization and flapping its wings powerfully as a large gust of wind formed and hurled the Patrat off of it. The Pokemon was flung through the air and hit a tree hard, knocking it out.

    "No! Patrat!" The kid ran to his Pokemon. "Are you okay?"

    The Patrat nodded at him weakly.

    "Great job, return." He turned to Misty. "Wow, you're strong! I thought Ducklett didn't learn Hurricane until they evolved into Swanna."

    "Thanks- wait WHAT?" She looked at Ducklett with wide eyes. "Ducklett evolves into the swan?"

    The kid gave her a weird look. "Yeah... Of course."

    "Alright." Misty smirked, she would have gotten the swan eventually anyways it seemed. And now she also knew the name of that powerful attack.

    The kid started to walk away.

    "Hey, where are you going? Aren't we still battling?"

    The kid sweat dropped. "Erm, that's my only Pokemon. Gotta heal him, bye!" With that, the kid ran into Striaton City.

    Misty sighed and followed slowly. She needed to heal Ducklett too. "Great job." She told it, receiving a cheerful caw.

    "Okay so there's a gym here. That means that Ash has gotten at least one badge so far." Misty figured. She hoped that with how long she was taking that she wouldn't miss him. "No time for sight seeing, I'll just drop by the shop to restock my supplies and then I'll start for the next town." She decided aloud. Nothing much was happening in the town anyways.

    Misty got her supplies and walked out of the shop. As she did, she caught the conversation of two girls passing by.

    "I can't believe Cilan went to travel with that kid!" One girl said to the other.

    "Yeah! I know, now there are only two gym leaders to battle at the gym!" The other responded in exasperation.

    "Hmm?" Misty wondered curiously but shrugged it off. It didn't really concern her anyways.

    She walked out of the town, speed walking. She was tired of it taking so long, she just wanted to be there already. The town she had come from was already far behind her but it still seemed to be taking forever. As she looked up at the sky, she became worried at how dark it was getting already. "Don't tell me I'm gonna have to go another night without getting there!" She groaned. An idea hit her. "Ducklett, fly ahead and see how far we still have to go."

    Ducklett nodded and took to the skies. Misty was about to follow Ducklett but was interrupted by a sound that came from her arms. She looked down to see Azurill with a discontented look on its face.

    "You're hungry huh?" Misty asked and received a nod and a sad 'Azuu...'

    "Alright, we'll stop for another food break while we wait for Ducklett to return. I'll just save some food for it." She sighed. With all these set backs, she'd never get there. But she couldn't just let her baby starve.

    Misty had let her Pokemon out again and as they ate, she sat frowning. Where was Ducklett? Was it really that far to Castelia?

    But as if her thoughts had summoned it, the blue duck came into view with a squawk to announce its arrival.

    Misty stood up to meet it. "Welcome back Ducklett. I saved you some food." She held up the dish before putting it back down. "Did you see the city?"

    Ducklett landed at the food bowl and nodded up at her before pecking at its food.

    She sighed. "Far away huh?"

    Ducklett looked back up at her and nodded.

    The sun was now dipping below the horizon, only barely visible above the mountains.

    "I Guess I have to set up camp, too far away from town to go back now." This would be the first time she camped out since she traveled with Ash, she was so used to her bed now that her sleeping bag would be hard to get used to again.

    Everyone besides Ducklett was done eating so she recalled them and started to get camp ready. She went to gather some firewood and brought it back to the clearing to start a fire. By the time she was done, it was already dark and getting chilly.

    "I will find a way to get to the city before tomorrow is over." She vowed to herself as she uncurled her sleeping bag and crawled in.

    Azurill crawled in and cuddled up to her. Ducklett lie on the back side of her head and fluffed up its feathers for warmth before dozing off.

    "Good night guys." She yawned before she herself drifted to sleep.

    Misty was standing in a field overlooking the clearing she had gone to sleep at, the grass blades swaying in the wind and brushing against her ankles.

    Azurill and Ducklett were still asleep but Misty couldn't sleep, she was too anxious. She closed her eyes and just took the moment to try and calm herself and feel the nice breeze. She would get there soon enough, rushing too much would wear her out.

    The sound of footsteps behind her snapped her out of her thoughts. She didn't open her eyes or even pretend to acknowledge them though. It was probably another random kid wanting to battle. She would relax a little but she had no time for any more setbacks.

    The footsteps just kept coming closer until the sound disappeared. She opened her eyes just slightly in confusion, casting a glance behind her by the corner of her eyes. What she saw made her heart jump.

    Behind her a boy sat with his back to her on the opposite edge of the hill she was on. He seemed focused on something in the distance and apparently didn't even notice or care that she was there. All she could see from the back of the kid's head was that he had black hair and a hat. Even though the similarities of this boy obviously pointed to Ash, the thing that helped insure her assumption was correct was the Pikachu sitting next to him.

    Misty stood frozen for a moment, not knowing what to say. Although she was impatient to meet up with him, she was still glad that she had time to gather her thoughts and be prepared when she met him. What was he doing here? Had he backtracked or something?

    "Ash?" She finally spoke, looking down at him.

    He looked up in surprise at her, his dazzling brown eyes sparkling with confusion. "Yeah? How do you know my name?"

    Misty was hurt for a heartbeat before she remembered that she was wearing a disguise. She didn't care about it anymore, she was just glad to finally see Ash again. "It's me Ash, don't you remember me?" She asked as she took her hat off.

    He looked like he was on to something but still looked stumped.

    She sighed, he hardly ever saw her with her hair down. "Does this help?" Misty asked as she held a clump of her hair up like a ponytail.

    Ash blinked before standing up slowly. "M-Misty?" He asked in disbelief.

    She smiled. "I guess you do remember me."

    "What are you doing here? I thought you had to take over the gym!" He said as a smile came to his face as well.

    Pikachu perked up as it realized who she was and leaped into her arms with a happy 'pika!'

    Misty laughed. "Hey Pikachu! Long time no see!" She looked back up at Ash. "My sister let me come here. I was um... Looking for you. I wanted to visit you."

    "It's great to see you again!" Ash said happily. "I really missed you ya know."

    Misty couldn't stop the blush from spreading onto her face. "Really?"

    He looked confused. "Of course. You thought I didn't?"

    She shrugged. "I don't know. I missed you too though." She added the last part with a smile.

    He looked at her for a moment before looking down and saying in a hesitant voice "erm, Misty?"


    "I uh, have something that I feel I need to tell you. But I don't think you're gonna like it." He was still avoiding eye contact and he seemed very reluctant to say what he wanted to say.

    "You can tell me Ash, I probably won't mind." Her heart couldn't help but pound.

    He glanced up at her sheepishly. "You sure you won't hate me for telling you?"

    Her expression became soft with a voice to match. "I would never hate you Ash." She responded.

    He looked up at her with a still uncertain look before taking a step back and looking in her eyes intensely.

    As she stared back into them she felt as if she were being hypnotized by them. Her heart was hammering uncontrollably in her chest as she waited for him to speak.

    "You have a bug on your face."

    Misty's eyes shot open as she felt something pressed up against her face. That was a weird dream, why had he said there was a bug on her...?

    A scream filled the area as Misty sprang to her feet and in one swift motion, picked up Azurill and her sleeping bag and left Ducklett to fly after her as she darted away with a dust cloud following her. There had been a creepy bug with a leaf ON HER FACE! Even though she was sure the bug was far away from her, she wanted to distance herself as much from that disgusting bug as she could. In fact, she could have sworn she passed through a town in her rush.

    A person came into view but before she could stop herself, she slammed right into him and Azurill went flying. Fortunately though, Ducklett came just in time to catch it before it hit the ground and lowered it slowly to safety.

    "Ugh." Misty groaned as she sat up and rubbed her head discontentedly. "Sorry about that-"

    "Why don't you look where you're going?" The kid spat as he glared at her.

    "Hey! I said I was sorry!" She shot back at him.

    The kid ignored her and stood up, dusting himself off and checking the camera that was strung around his neck. He seemed as if he remembered something and spun around before turning back, even angrier than before. "Great going, you made me lose it!"

    Misty blinked. "Lose what?"

    "That Blitzle I was about to catch. What were you running for anyways?" The kid asked in an annoyed voice.

    "Th-that's none of your business!" She yelled, blushing slightly in embarrassment.

    "And who wears that kind of outfit anyways? You look like some cliche secret agent wannabe."

    "Who do you think you are? You don't even know me!" Misty spat and crossed her arms. "You're just wasting my time, I happen to be in a big hurry." She picked up Azurill and her sleeping bag and started to walk away. "Let's go guys."

    "My name is Tripp, and you owe me a battle."

    She turned to look at him with a glare. "Who says?"

    He eyed her coldly. "Well, it's the LEAST you can do after knocking me over and making me lose that Pokemon."

    Misty growled inwardly. "Fine but make it quick." She snapped.

    "Actually, I wanted a full battle." Tripp snorted.

    "No way! For one, I told you a million times that I'm in a hurry and for another... I don't have six Pokemon."

    "Fine, how many DO you have?"

    "Four." She responded.

    "Fine, a four on four battle then. It's still early in the morning, wherever you're going can't demand you to be there that early can it?" Tripp asked with a raised brow.

    "No, I guess not..." She grumbled. "Let's just get this done with already." She set Azurill down beside her and was about to send her Pokemon out when Tripp suddenly pulled out his Pokedex.

    "What's THAT Pokemon?" He scanned Azurill on his Pokedex.

    Misty sighed. Great, another person to go nuts over Azurill.

    He started taking pictures of Azurill, annoying Misty even more. "What are you? A Pokemon photographer?" As soon as she asked that, she remembered another old friend that she had met on her journey with Ash; Todd. She briefly wondered how he was doing before she got her answer from Tripp.

    "No, I'm recording my journey and an Azurill in Unova is a big deal." He responded in the same agrivating tone as he continued to take pictures of Azurill.

    "Believe me, I know." Misty grumbled as she let out an exasperated sigh.

    "Where did you get it?" He demanded.

    "Hmm? Well you see, I'm not from around here. I come from Kanto."

    He sighed. "Great, another trainer from the boonies."

    "Boonies?" She snarled, her temper rising. "You sure talk big, let's see if your battling matches it!"

    "Let's get to it then." Tripp said and pulled out a Pokeball.
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