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"Hmm, let's see... Who should I choose?" Misty muttered as she tried to decide which Pokemon to choose but what interrupted by Ducklett.

"Ducklett!" It cawed.

"You want to go?"

Ducklett nodded with a determined look in its eyes.

"Okay." She looked up at Tripp. "Ready?"

"Yep. Let's get this started."

"Go!" They simultaneously yelled, Misty pointing and Tripp throwing a Pokeball.



The grass snake appeared with a flash of light and stared at Ducklett with a cocky expression. They say Pokemon act like their trainers. She thought with a smirk.

"Servine, use vine whip!"

"Dodge, Ducklett!"

The vines shot out and Ducklett flew up to dodge them but Servine just redirected the vines higher and smacked Ducklett down.

As the bird fell, Tripp ordered "leap and use quick attack!"

Servine leaped and shot towards Ducklett like a bullet.

"No, Ducklett! Quick, snap out of it and whack it away with a wing attack!" Misty yelled.
Ducklett opened its eyes, and barely had time to readjust itself in the air before it had to swiftly strike Servine with its wing.

Servine was shot back but landed on its feet when it hit the ground.

"Good, now use vine whip again!"

"Dodge and use wing attack!"

Servine shot its vines at Ducklett again as the bird rushed at it with its wings extended. Ducklett dodged the vines narrowly by weaving side to side before its attack connected. It shot past Servine after the attack.

"Quickly Servine, grab it now!"

Servine quickly turned and shot its vines before Ducklett could turn around or react and wrapped its wings against its body so it couldn't fly.

"Ducklett! No!" Misty called out.

"Throw it hard Servine!" Trip ordered and pointed towards a tree.

Servine swung its vines around once before letting go and slamming Ducklett against the tree.

"Ducklett!" Misty cried out and ran towards it.

"Looks like the first round is done already." Tripp said to his Servine.

But before Misty could reach Ducklett, she saw it starting to get up. "Wait!"

Ducklett stood up, panting and glared at Servine.

"It looks too beat to go on. Stubborness will just get it hurt." Tripp shrugged.

But suddenly Ducklett started to glow.

Misty's eyes widened. Was Ducklett about to evolve?

But then the glowing faded and Ducklett was still a Ducklett. It looked different though, like its health had been restored.

"Lucky you, Ducklett knows Roost." Tripp said. "I guess this round is still going on."

"Great! Let's win this Ducklett!" Misty encouraged.

"Duck!" It cawed in determination.

"It's time to end this! Servine, use leaf tornado!"

Servine held itself up by its hands as a grassy tornado formed on its tail and was shot towards Ducklett.

"Quick Ducklett, use Hurricane to counter it!"

Ducklett swiftly flapped its wings and a powerful wind met the tornado. Neither surpassed each other but both storm attacks tried to break past.

"Keep going Ducklett, you can do it!"

"Servine, come on!"

"More power!" They both yelled and both Pokemon put all their strength into it.

It finally just broke and the field was filled with intense wind, dust and leaves. Both trainers had to cover their eyes as the gust hit them. They slowly opened their eyes as they waited for the dust to clear.

When the dust cleared, both Pokemon were still standing but they looked like they would collapse at any moment. They stared each other down for a moment before they both collapsed simultaneously.

Misty ran to her Pokemon and picked it up. "Are you okay Ducklett?" Ducklett opened its eyes and nodded slowly. "You did great Ducklett, take a rest." She set it down next to Azurill.

Misty turned to see Tripp talking to his Pokemon, kneeled by its side. "Good job Servine, return." He returned it to its Pokeball before standing up and taking out another Pokeball.

"Azuu!" Azurill cried and ran forward.

"Azurill? You want to battle?"

"Azuu!" It replied and nodded.

"Alright, good luck!"

"Go Frillish!" He called and sent out a blue jellyfish Pokemon.

Misty couldn't stand it. "OOOOOOHHHHHH! Its SO cute!" She ran up to it and gave it a huge hug. "I love water Pokemon and this one is adorable! Don't tell me I have to battle you!"
She then remembered that this was Tripp's Pokemon and looked at him with a large sweat drop. He was looking at her with an eyebrow raised and was- to her surprise- taking a picture of her.

"Hey! Why are you taking pictures of me?" She yelled.

"I'm recording my journey and you're the strangest trainer I've ever met."

"Shut up!" She spat, let go of the Frillish and got back into position. "And stop taking pictures, we're in the middle of a battle here!"

He raised an eyebrow. "Then stop hugging the opponent's Pokemon, we're in the middle of a battle here." He shot back at her.

"Grr! Go Azurill! Use slam!"

Azurill used slam with the big ball on its tail but went right through.

"What? But how?" Misty gasped.

"Frillish may be a water type but its also part ghost so normal attacks don't effect it."

"Well since Azurill is a normal type but knows water attacks that means-"

"This is a water only battle." They both said simultaneously.

"Frillish! Water pulse!"

"Azurill dodge!"

Azurill bounced into the air and narrowly dodged the attack.

"Now use water gun!"

The attack hit and knocked Frillish back a bit.

"Use water pulse!"

Frillish shot water pulse again and this time it hit.

This did significant damage since Azurill was a normal type and not a water type.

"Use water gun again!"

Azurill tried but nothing happened.

"Huh? What's wrong Azurill?"

"It's Frillish's ability; Cursed Body," Tripp explained. "There's a chance that it might disable one of the attacks that hit it."

"Great, now Azurill can only use bubble." Misty grumbled and looked up at Tripp. "And it seems that Frillish can only use water pulse..."

"Azurill! Bubble!"

But before the bubbles hit, Tripp ordered Frillish to use protect. 'I guess I was wrong...' Misty thought in annoyance.

"Water pulse again Frillish."

It hit its mark and Azurill started dancing around in a confused daze.

"No, Azurill! Snap out of it and use bubble again."

But it couldn't do it.

"Finish it with water pulse."

"No, wait!" Misty cries but the water was already released. So Misty leaped in front and took the attack with a pained wince. "You alright Azurill?"


"Why did you do that?" Tripp spat.

She glared at him. "Azurill is just a baby!" She yelled and picked it up, setting it down next to Ducklett. She knew that wasn't true. Azurill was a big baby if anything that just hadn't evolved yet. She knew she had to stop treating Azurill like a baby or it would never grow up to be a strong Pokemon but her motherly instincts made it very difficult for her. She stood up and pulled out her next Pokeball.

"Go Tranquil!" The bird appeared with a cry.

"Go Staryu!" She sent out her starfish Pokemon.

Tripp checked his Pokedex on Staryu before scoffing. "ANOTHER water Pokemon? Don't you have any other types?"

"Nope, I specialize in water type Pokemon!" Misty replied proudly.

"You should really learn the basics! Specializing in only one type puts you at a huge disadvantage against types weak to it."

"I know how to handle types strong against water!" She spat. "Why don't YOU learn the basics? I bet I've been a trainer A LOT longer than you!"

"Whatever. Tranquil, use arial ace!"

Misty knew how to deal with flying types very well now. "Staryu, Power Gem!"

As Tranquil attacked, the gems shot at it. The arial ace hit but didn't do as much damage to Staryu as the power gem did to it.

"Quick, air cutter!"

"Break through it with rapid spin!"

Tranquil flapped its wings and the air flew towards Staryu but the starfish used rapid spin to break right through it, only taking some damage and kept heading towards Tranquil.

"Double team, Tranquil!"

Tranquil multiplied and as Staryu's rapid spin hit, it hit the wrong one.

Misty's eyes glinted. "That won't work! Staryu, use swift!"

The swift hit the target, making the multiples disappear.

"Finish it with another power gem!"


But the gems hit before Tranquil could dodge and knocked it to the ground with swirly eyes.

"Great job Staryu!" Misty cheered and ran up to hug it. "Return." She returned it and looked up at Trip to see him with a shocked expression on his face as to how quickly the battle had ended. "I told you, I've been a trainer for longer and Staryu was one of my first Pokemon so its a much higher level."

"This isn't over yet! We're tied now, this battle determines who wins." He said, snapping out of his shock.

Misty realized that he was right. The battle between Ducklett and Servine had resulted in a tie, Azurill vs Frillish ended up in Frillish winning, and now Staryu had won against Tranquil. But her remaining Pokemon was one of her strongest.

She looked at the Pokeball containing the Pokemon that had been her worst fear for the longest time but had also saved her life.

"Go Gyarados!"

"Go Vanilite!"

The two Pokemon appeared, one being a large water serpent and the other being an... ice cream cone? Misty started craving ice cream after seeing it.

She had been so focused on Vanilite that she barely caught the look of slight fear that flashed on Tripp's face for only a split second before he whipped out his Pokedex. Misty couldn't help but snicker softly.

He gave her a hard look. "What are you so happy about? Your Pokemon is part flying and Vanilite is ice, you don't stand a chance."

Misty tried not to smirk. "I guess you're right, but it doesn't hurt to try now does it?" She shrugged nonchalantly.

"In this situation it does! Vanilite use ice beam!"

Vanilite shot the ice beam at Gyarados.

Misty's hidden smirk became a grin. "Gyarados, use flamethrower!"

"WHAT?" Tripp almost fell back in surprise as Gyarados opened its mouth wide and fire shot out of it, melting the ice beam right as it reached it and engulfing Vanilite. When the fire disappeared, Vanilite was blackened and had swirly eyes- it was an instant knock out.
If Tripp's face was surprised when Staryu beat Tranquil so quickly, it was more in the lines of horrified now. "Return." He choked out and returned his Pokemon.

"Great job Gyarados." Misty couldn't stop grinning for the life of her, she had showed Tripp up big time. She wished she had a camera herself to take a picture of his face, it was priceless. She returned Gyarados before walking up to the stunned Tripp.

"Hey, great battle." She held out a hand to him.

Tripp slowly looked up at her before nodding and shaking her hand. "Great battle." He muttered before walking off.

"Hey, where are you going now?" Misty asked curiously.

He didn't bother to turn around as he answered "Castelia City, I have to heal my Pokemon."
"Okay, see you later." She made a mental note that she might be seeing him later before packing up her sleeping bag that she had never packed away from earlier that day and getting her Pokemon together to continue on.

Little did she know, right when Tripp was out of view, he started running towards the next city.


Ash's POV

"How much longer until the next town Cilan?" Ash groaned and leaned forward to emphasize his point. Even Pikachu was sprawled over his shoulder in exhaustion although it had not walked nearly as much as its trainer or his friends.

"Well, we're almost to the place where it forks to either Sky Arrow Bridge or Pinwheel Forest."

Ash perked up. "A forest is a great place to catch some more Pokemon!"

"But Ash," Cilan cautioned, "if we go through Pinwheel Forest, we still have to go across the bridge, and the bridge is VERY long."

"That's fine with me!" Ash said and fist pumped. "As long as I run into more Pokemon."

Iris sighed in exasperation. "First he wanted to get there right away and now he wants to take the long way around, he'll be complaining later. What. A. Kid."

Ash did his best to ignore her but his attention was swayed from her anyways as he heard footsteps rushing hurriedly through the undergrowth behind them. The group turned around to see that it was Tripp.

"Hey Tripp, why are you in such a hurry." Ash asked curiously.

Tripp gave him an annoyed look as he stopped, gasping for air. "I need to heal my Pokemon before their condition gets too bad."

Cilan's eyebrows rose. "What made them so badly injured?"

"I just finished a four on four battle with a trainer and she was more powerful than I expected."

Ash blinked before a determined grin came to his face. Great, a challenge. He hoped he would meet her soon so that he could battle this 'powerful' trainer too. "What kind of trainer was she?" He asked excitedly.

Tripp looked at him strangely before saying. "She specializes in water types if that's what you're asking."

Ash was thoughtful at this, that was familiar, very familiar.

"Wow! Just like I specialize in dragon types?" Iris asked excitedly.

"Not exactly Iris, although you come from the village of dragons, not ALL of your Pokemon are dragon types and all of her's were water types. Am I right?" Cilan explained to Iris and then looked at Tripp as he asked the question.


"Oh yeah, right." Iris sighed.

"Anyways, I have to go, see you guys later." With that, Tripp headed for the town.

"Wow, I wonder who this 'powerful trainer' is. The fact that she specializes in water types must give her a cool demeanor along with a tang of spice with her powerful attacks." Cilan stated and gestured with his hands.

"How do you know all that just by knowing the fact that she specializes in only water Pokemon?" Iris asked.

"I told you! I'm a Pokemon Connoisseur."

"Yeah, you told me. It still amazes me though." Iris said as she sweat dropped a little.

While Iris and Cilan were talking, Ash was lost in thought- something that was kind of rare for him. Someone calling him snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Huh? What?" He looked to see Iris looking at him strangely.

"Are you okay? You were spacing out or something."

"Yeah, I was just thinking..." Ash started to explain.

"Really? That's a first."

Ash glared at her. "Thanks." He grumbled sarcastically.

"Thinking about what?" Cilan asked.

"Just that... Tripp said that the trainer specializes in water Pokemon..."

"So what? You have Snivy, Pikachu, and some water Pokemon that could beat her." Iris responded.

"No, that's not what I'm thinking about. It's that I know someone who specializes in water Pokemon."

"Well, maybe it's her." Iris shrugged.

"No, it couldn't be her. You see, she's a gym leader back in Kanto so she can't really leave the gym to travel." Ash explained.

"Well, if it IS her than it would make sense that she's really powerful, being a gym leader." Cilan pointed out.

"That's true..." Ash said thoughtful.

"Alright, we're here at the fork. We're going to Pinwheel Forest right?" Cilan checked.

"Yep! Maybe we'll meet some Pokemon there." Ash said, pushing his thoughts to the back of his mind.

"And maybe we'll meet that trainer in Castelia City, then you can find out for yourself if she's your friend or not." Cilan said.

"Yeah, so let's go!" Ash fist pumped again.

"Pika!" Pikachu imitated its trainer as the group walked into the forest.

Back with Misty...

Misty's POV

"Okay, so I have the choice between a forest that's most likely crawling with bugs and that's easy to get lost in or a nice bridge that is very hard to get lost on and doesn't have any Pokemon. Hmm, which should I choose?" Misty said aloud sarcastically. "I vote bridge!" With that she started towards Sky Arrow Bridge.

"UGH!" Misty groaned as she finally stumbled into the city. "I thought that bridge would NEVER end!" She looked at her Pokemon. "You're lucky you didn't have to walk."



They both sweat dropped.

Misty stumbled around aimlessly in exhaustion until she spotted the object of her desire; a simple park bench. She slumped into the bench, her arms hanging off of the bench as she just sat there for a while, catching her breath.

She closed her eyes and steadied her breathing to calm down her throbbing heart. Something suddenly nudged her hand.

"Azurill, Ducklett, please let me rest for a minute." She grumbled.

"Azuu?" The voice came from her lap.

"Duck?" The voice was next to her ear.

"Whatever you are, go away and let me rest." She moaned.

The nudge was harder this time.

Misty finally opened her eyes to glare at whatever was nudging her and instantly wished she hadn't. There next to her was a Venipede.
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