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    Misty had returned Gyarados to its poke ball and backtracked to Castelia city to have it looked at as she promised. She had kept an eye on Team Rocket's whereabouts on her GPS so that she wouldn't lose them. As she waited for Gyarados to have treatment, she took a walk around the city.

    As she walked- no direction in particular- she played the previous events of her meeting with Ash in her mind. It had all happened so suddenly that looking back on it, it all seemed like a dream. As she replayed the memory in her mind, regret started to overtake her. She had wanted so much to reveal herself and stay with Ash after finally finding him; but she couldn't. She had to keep her identity a secret until she could find Azurill again. Team Rocket may well be one of her only chances to get it back and she couldn't risk jeopardizing that chance; even if it meant avoiding Ash for a little longer.

    But what if her cover was already blown? After all, she had indicated enough to make her identity obvious to anyone who knew her. But then again, Ash WASN'T just anyone. He was so oblivious that she could wack him over the head with her trusty mallet and he STILL wouldn't know that it was her.

    "'Dare she is!" A familiar voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she turned to see Meowth pointing an accusing claw at her. Jessie and James were standing with their arms crossed, their expressions unreadable by their dark sunglasses.

    "Yep, here I am," Misty answered dryly. "I ran into a little trouble and had to heal my Pokemon."

    "Where were you when we faced the twerps?" Jessie growled.

    Misty shrugged. "I was catching a new Pokemon."

    "Well if you're going to work with us then you should be present more often," Jessie retorted.

    Misty shook her head. "I said that I was assisting you in matters with TEAM PLASMA, not chasing some boy's Pikachu like an obsessed Houndour chasing its tail."

    "We do whatever assignment the boss assigns us. Since there was no assignment we tried a new idea to catch Pikachu." James explained.

    Misty rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I think Gyarados is ready for me to pick him up from the centre. Then we can move out again." Without another word, she went to go get Gyarados.

    Misty stuck with Team Rocket as they did petty little assignments that the boss assigned them. None of these projects concerned Team Plasma though. Misty was also agitated to find that it was Team Rocket's fault that the Venipede rampaged through the city.

    She looked for traces of Team Plasma while she assisted them in the other missions but found no trace of them. It was as if they had fallen from the face of the Earth.

    But there was one mission that Misty had refused to help them on.

    "Why not?" James questioned her.

    "Because," she spat. "I have a bad feeling about that place! Ducklett can feel it too." She gestured to her slightly trembling duck as he stared up at the mansion in front of them.

    It was a large mansion that stood in front of them with a forbodding aura coming from it. She remembered last time that she had gone into a tower/mansion like that it had been full of ghosts.

    "I'll keep an eye out for Team Plasma outside while you check the place out or whatever you need to do." Misty explained and waved them off.

    Team Rocket looked at each other before Jessie turned back toward the mansion. "Fine, let's go you two."

    Misty sighed in relief, glad that they hadn't tried to force her to go into that place- which just happened to be the Litwik mansion.

    Misty explored the forest around the area and found a clearing with a large lake in the center. She sent out Alomomola; whom she had nicknamed Momo for short.

    "Aloo!" Momo chimed as it clapped its top and bottom fins together.

    "Alright Momo, I haven't used you in battle yet so we'll have a practice session. You'll be battling Ducklett." One of the reasons that Misty was one of the best gym leaders was that she didn't just wait for rookie trainers to come along and challenge her gym, only getting training from them. She made sure that her Pokemon had regular practice sessions with each other. When the gym was closed, she would also sometimes find wild Pokemon to battle or challenge some of the locals just for practice.

    "Ducklett!" The duck cawed and hopped down from Misty's shoulder at this cue. "Alright Momo, show me what attacks you have. Attack Ducklett."

    Momo looked confused for a moment but nodded in understanding when Misty ordered it to use a water attack. The word 'water' sounded close enough to one of its known attacks; Water Pulse.

    Momo shot out the water at Ducklett.

    "Ducklett, counter it with YOUR Water Pulse!" The two attacks collided. "Now keep the attack up and strike forward with Wing Attack."

    Ducklett did as it was ordered and started forward.

    "Now Momo, stop your attack and dodge!" Misty ordered swiftly.

    Momo stopped her water attack midstream and leaped to the side, narrowly dodging Ducklett's wings.

    Before Misty could order another attack, Momo battered Ducklett's flank with both of her fins.

    'Doubleslap.' Misty made a mental note of the two attacks that she knew Momo had so far. "Great job Momo!" Misty encouraged before ordering in another tone, "Ducklett, use Hurricane!"

    Ducklett used a swift wing attack to wack Momo away from it before flapping its wings rapidly and causing a gust of wind that took Momo into the air and spun it around before tossing her out.

    She swayed back and forth; confused.

    "Momo! Snap out of it!" She yelled and then looked at Ducklett. "Another trainer wouldn't wait until she snapped out of confusion; they'd take advantage of it. So we need to also. Ducklett, water pulse."

    Ducklett shot water at Momo.

    Misty worked on trying to get Momo to snap out of her confusion. "Snap out of it! Momo!"

    Before the water hit Momo, she suddenly started glowing. When the water hit her, it didn't seem to affect her at all; she actually looked refreshed. Blue rings started circling around her.

    'Aqua Ring!' Misty thought excitedly. 'Great, both Ducklett and Momo have healing attacks!' "Great job Momo. Ducklett, use Roost."

    As the bird started to glow, Misty turned back to Momo. "Get ready to use Water Pulse right when it stops glowing. Attacking it during doesn't help."

    Momo nodded in understanding and started forming her attack.

    Ducklett stopped glowing.

    "Now!" Misty cried.

    Momo released her attack and it hit Ducklett, knocking it back and making it stumble as well.

    "Momo, use Doubleslap while its confused!"

    Momo started toward Ducklett.

    "Ducklett! Snap out of it and use wing attack when Momo comes into reach."

    But Ducklett couldn't snap out of its confusion before Momo caught it in a flurry of Doubleslaps.

    "Ducklett!" She called out.

    Ducklett tried to fight back but just kept hurting itself in its own confusion.

    Momo suddenly backed away and was summoning another attack. She shot water up into the air and it crashed down on Ducklett, seeming to damage it significantly due to the fact that it was down to about half health.

    'Brine,' Misty acknowleged. "Ducklett, use Roost! Come on!"

    Momo looked at Misty and Misty nodded. "A rival trainer wouldn't stop there. Momo, use Doubleslap again." She hoped that Ducklett would snap out of confusion before it was too late but it didn't happen.

    Momo pulled away from the attack to leave a fainted Ducklett.

    Misty went over to Ducklett and checked it. "Are you alright, Ducklett?" She asked.

    Ducklett opened its eyes and looked at her, exaustion glimmering in its eyes.

    "Great training session both of you. You both deserve a nice break. Go ahead and swim in the lake."

    The two Pokemon were glad to oblige. They went over to the lake, leaped in, and instantly started swimming around.

    "I thought I heard something." A slightly familiar voice said, making her jump.

    She stood up and spun around to see Tripp standing there. "Oh hey… Tripp, right?"

    "Yes," he answered. "I've been training a lot lately. I would like to have a rematch with you sometime."

    "Sometime," she answered. "But not now. My Pokemon just had a training session and it's not easy directing two Pokemon at once."

    "Then you wouldn't do that well in double or triple battles." Tripp muttered.

    "What?" Misty asked, seriously not hearing him.

    "Nothing." He looked over at the lake before wrinkling his nose. "You caught ANOTHER water Pokemon?" He asked in disgust.

    She put her hands on her hips. "Yeah, so? I told you already that I specialize in water Pokemon. And our last battle proved that training one type doesn't mean that you don't have a chance of winning."

    Tripp looked at her. "But why don't you catch other types too?"

    Misty shrugged and sighed irritably. "I love water Pokemon but I'm also a Gym Leader."

    His eyes widened. "That explains a lot. So what town is your gym in and why are you traveling instead of managing your gym?"

    "Well I'm not from around here, as I've mentioned before. I'm a Gym Leader in a region called Kanto."

    "Oh," Tripp said and turned away. "Now I remember, you were another trainer from the boonies."

    "Boonies?!" Misty snarled and clenched her fists. "I'll make you eat those words-"

    "Anyways, I've got to go. Let's battle later." Tripp said and walked away.

    Misty was about to give him a piece of her mind when she realized what he said. 'ANOTHER trainer from the boonies?' She echoed before realizing that meant that he knew Ash. Worry momentarily struck her as she thought that he might tell Ash information that could lead to her cover being blown but she pushed it away. Tripp didn't seem like the kind of trainer who would care enough to tell Ash anything about her.

    She sighed and settled down in the grass, watching her Pokemon play. Glancing at her GPS, she saw that Team Rocket were still in that mansion. The sun was starting to go down and Misty didn't think that Team Rocket would be done any time soon so she got her sleeping bag out. She fed all of her Pokemon and recalled all of them except for Ducklett, who flew to her side as she got into the sleeping bag.

    She hugged herself as she tried to get to sleep, feeling again the emptiness in the crook of her arms where Azurill was supposed to be. Pain stabbed her heart as she looked up at the sky and wondered again where Azurill was and if it was okay. A tear rolled down her cheek as she drifted into sleep.

    When she woke up again, she ate breakfast with her Pokemon. Looking at her food supply; she frowned. 'I hope we'll get to the next town soon so I can buy more food.' She hoped. 'Backtracking to Castelia city all the time is a pain.' She looked at her GPS again to see that Team Rocket's location remained stationary.

    After her Pokemon had eaten and played in the lake for a bit, Misty returned them, looking at the lake longingly. She had been in her stuffy outfit for days, besides bedtime when not around Team Rocket of course. She knew the risk of taking a swim, thus abandoning her disguise but she had to take it- she was burning up.

    Looking around to make sure that the coast was clear first, she took off her jacket and hat to reveal her regular outfit; the yellow vest with a burgundy undertop and yellow shorts. She took the next step by taking off her vest and shorts, proving the undertop to actually be a one-piece swimsuit.

    Misty left her clothes in a pile and leaped into the lake without another moment of hesitation. She let out a sigh of content as the cool water soothed her. For a minute she started swimming around the lake steadily but resorted to just relaxing in the water by floating on her back.

    She floated like that for a while, relaxing without a care in the world. But then she suddenly heard a sound nearby. Her eyes snapped open and she turned toward the shore to see Pikachu standing there, watching her. "Pikachu!" She cried in surprise and looked around frantically. Wherever Pikachu was, Ash was sure to be nearby.

    She swam to the shore cautiously, staring at the eager Pikachu. "Oh, how cute. It's a Pikachu. Do you have a trainer?" She asked it, acting as if she had never seen it before.

    Pikachu blinked before frowning in anger. "Pika pika chuuu."

    Misty was able to understand Pikachu just slightly from the time when she traveled with Ash, but it was very rusty. "You're saying that I know you?" Misty echoed.

    "Pika." He answered and nodded.

    "I've never met a Pikachu in person before." She lied and unfortunately, Pikachu saw right through it.

    "Pika pi." Pikachu responded, making Misty's heart skip a beat.

    Pikachu recognized her, which meant that he could easily tell Ash. "Misty? N-no, my name's ummm… Anne! Yeah! I think you have me confused with someone else!"

    Pikachu glared at her. "Pika…" His cheeks started sparking.

    "Eep! Don't do anything rash, Pikachu! Okay, okay! Don't shock me!" She cried.

    Pikachu stopped and looked at her.

    Misty sighed. "Fine, you got me. It's me."

    "Pika pi!" Pikachu cheered and leaped into her arms, avoiding the water since Misty was currently standing in the shallow end.

    Pikachu hugged her and she hugged it back. "Hey Pikachu, I've missed you too."

    "Chaaa," Pikachu cooed before looking up at her. "Pika pi pika chu chu."

    "N-no! We can't." Misty said quickly.

    Pikachu blinked. "Pika?"

    Pikachu had said that they needed to tell Ash that she was there. She couldn't let her cover be blown this soon. But if she didn't tell Pikachu not to tell him, he might anyways.

    "We just… can't. Do you remember Azurill?"

    "Pika." He nodded.

    "Well, Azurill got stolen from me." She said sadly.

    "Pika?!" He cried in shock.

    "Yeah, and I haven't been able to find it. So I'm teaming up with Team Rocket for now because they have information on the people who took Azurill. So don't hate me if you see me with Team Rocket okay?"

    "Pika…" He looked up at her reassuringly.

    "But you understand why we can't tell Ash, right? He may not understand what I have to do and insist on helping me himself. Team Rocket has more information on them than any of us."

    "Pikachu pi." 'He'd understand.' Is what Pikachu said.

    "I'm sorry, but I just can't chance it Pikachu. I'll reveal who I am and travel with you guys once I get Azurill back, I promise." Misty soothed and stroked Pikachu's head.

    "Pika pi…" His ears drooped.

    "Pikachu! Where are you, Pikachu?" Ash's voice called from somewhere nearby.

    Misty froze. "Please don't tell Ash. Promise me that you won't, okay?"

    Pikachu reluctantly nodded.

    "You'd better go, I'll see you again when I get Azurill back."

    Pikachu leaped from her arms and landed on the shore.

    Misty was about to hide behind a rock when she realized that her clothes were still in the clearing; a dead givaway. "Pikachu! Wait, before you go, could you hide my clothes somewhere?" She asked in a panic.

    Pikachu turned around and sweat dropped as he looked at her but did what he was asked of anyways.

    In the meantime, Misty went back underwater and reemerged behind a large rock. She peeked around it cautiously to see Pikachu run out from behind a rock where he had hidden Misty's clothes to meet Ash in the clearing.

    "Hey Pikachu, what were you doing out here?" Ash asked as he knelt down to scratch Pikachu's chin.

    Misty held her breath as she awaited Pikachu's response but he just responded 'nothing, just exploring' in his tongue.

    Ash's eyes briefly flicked across the lake, making Misty withdraw further behind the rock swiftly.

    "Well, we ate breakfast and are ready to set off again. You ready buddy?" She heard Ash ask.

    "Pika!" Pikachu responded.

    Misty waited until she no longer heard their voices to carefully peak around the rock. When she saw no one there, she swam out into the open, sighing in relief. 'That was WAY TOO CLOSE.' She thought and made her way to the shore. She couldn't take another risk like that.

    After she got dressed, she realized in shock that Ducklett was gone. "Ducklett?! Ducklett, where are you?!" She cried, spinning around.

    "Duck duck…" A voice said sleepily above her head. She looked up to see Ducklett lounging in a tree and looking down at her tiredly.

    "Good, you were out of sight when Ash got here too." Misty sighed, glancing at her GPS again. "They're STILL in there! Ugh, how long will they take!?" She yelled at the sky.

    Right as she yelled, dark clouds seemed to appear out of nowhere and rain poured from them with frightening intensity.

    "Ahh! Where did this storm come from?!" She yelled. "Come on Ducklett, we need to find a place out of the rain." Ducklett flew down from the tree and landed on its trainer's shoulder. They ran through the rain until they found a small cave. They went inside and were pleased to find that it was just small enough for them and not some other Pokemon that could be lurking within.

    Misty settled down in the cave and looked out at the rain. It was so dark that it gave it the appearance of being night time. "We can't start a fire," she said in a hopeless tone. "The wood would be too wet. We'll just have to wait it out."

    She shivered slightly from being wet and cold as she stared at the falling rain. A random image came into her mind of Ash being in the cave with her. Ducklett was on her shoulder, Azuril in her arms; and Pikachu was in his arms. They were sitting up against each other, her head on his shoulder with a content smile on her face.

    Misty shook her head swiftly, a blush flooding to her face. 'No Misty, stop it.' She scolded herself and tried to push the image to the back of her mind but found that she couldn't. How could you just push feelings like that to the back of your mind when you have felt them for so long?

    The rain had finally stopped after a long while and Misty walked out, relishing the sunlight. She glanced again at her GPS to see that Team Rocket were FINALLY leaving the mansion. She left to go meet up with them.
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