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    You kinda have to ask how soon they are avialable though. If Homika is the first Gym we could only get to the upper 20s in the Pokedex if the Encounter order is the same as B/W

    We only got to #21 with the possibility of the Panpour Gift, catch wise only up to #15 with Purrloin. Lenora allowed us to go to #45 Sawk.

    If they follow that order there really wouldn't be much available before Homika, this is only valid if they don't allow us to go past her City like how most First Gym restrictions are.

    So far Mareep and Psyduck are the only possibilities I see before Homika with the info presented and I'm stretching the What if factor with Psyduck based on B/W encounter releases. Not to mention Tile restrictions. (Cave, Grass, or Water)