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Originally Posted by rakireid View Post
keep up the nice work, very good stuff
Thanks bro much appreciated.

Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
Yay. Now part of Team Galaxy. I'm in charge of the Pokemon icons, at least I'm in a team now. Thnx so much, Kebbles.

P.S: I'm not only looking forward to this hack now, I'm looking forward to get started with my job too.
Welcome to the team midnight, glad to have you

Update Time: :D
Sorry guys, I thought I would of finished the Torn World tiles by tonight, but I've only just started as I'm really tired lol had a big day..
But here, credit to Serrawah, feedback is okay but just remember I'm not even close to finishing the Torn World.

(I'll leave the old torn world up so yous can decide whats better)

Also here is the games hero all indexed and ready to go!

All credit goes to bensgraphicdesign

And theres just a few little updates to the first post, nothing special..
Pokémon Ice Version

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