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    There is a specific song that is played throughout this series and also in Season 7 but not sure about Season 8. For example in the episode 'A Different Kind Of Misty' the music plays in the background when Ash is teaching Thatcher how to battle with his Plusle and Minun, when Ash is telling him how to be a 'hero' it is playing, so my question is does anyone know what song im talking about? I swear its also in one of the movies either the 2nd or 3rd. If anyone could please tell me the name of it so I can youtube it that would be great as its an awesome song and I would love to use it as a intro on a youtube video, thank you!

    *This song plays a lot so you don't have to go to that specific episode but it plays in most episodes in Season 6 so yeah thank you so much if you can help