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    Um, hi. My name's Ruff and I'm mainly interested in helping to sprite? ^-^ But I also like writing and can help with ideas for routes, gyms, puzzles and the like (which looks like it's what you guys are working on atm).

    Name: Ruff, or rufflestiltskin
    Skill(s): Spriting, Trainer spriting, Overworld spriting, Pokemon creator, Text editor I guess...? (for writing)
    Main role: Spriting
    Past experience: I've never worked on a hack before, but I've been dreaming up pokemon for a really long time. I only recently got into spriting, but I'm very dedicated and hoping to use this project to improve.
    Contact Information: I'd prefer just a PM on here...?
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (-5)
    Here's a couple examples of my work. ^-^ I hope it's okay.