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    Originally Posted by michaelthestrange View Post
    I am having problems finding the event where Birch gives you the National Dex after you beat the Elite 4. I plan to activate the National Dex right from the start so I want to edit the later part where he would actually give it to you. However, in the Littleroot Town Map the event does not seem to exist. Any ideas?

    I should that I am a newbie to hacking/scripting so this might be a stupid question
    Here is a fellow hacking noob, with the answer, check spoiler:

    #org 0x1F9F11
    special 0x1F3
    msgbox 0x81FB466 MSG_KEEPOPEN '"PROF. BIRCH: But listen.\nYou've b..."
    setflag 0x31B
    setflag 0x31A
    setvar 0x40D3 0x2
    setvar 0x40F5 0x0
    setflag 0x72

    ' Strings
    #org 0x1FB466
    = PROF. BIRCH: But listen.\nYou've become the CHAMPION,\lbut your POKéMON journey isn't over.\pThere is no end to the road\nthat is POKéMON.\pSomewhere, there is a grassy patch\nthat's waiting for you!

    Hope that helps you out ;-)
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