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Okay then. It's settled! :D And by the way, team update. And he's at the academy grounds, I remember, he left the Pokémon Center a little while ago IC

Jimmy’s team.


Smokey (Koffing ♂) - Lv 30
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Psybeam, Smog, Selfdestruct, Poison Gas, Tackle, Sludge.

Grim (Duskull ♀) - Lv 22
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Confuse Ray, Dark Pulse, Astonish, Night Shade, Disable, Pain Split.

Starr (Drowzee ♂) - Lv 20
Ability: Insomnia
Moves: Confusion, Headbutt, Pound, Hypnosis, Disable, Poison Gas.

Kaida (Druddigon ♀) – Lv 4
Ability: Rough Skin
Moves: Metal Claw, Crush Claw, Scratch, Leer.

Biff (Houndour ♂) – Lv 15
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Shadow Ball, Ember, Howl, Fire Spin, Taunt, Roar
Note: His fur is maroon instead of the usual black

Name: Creamer
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