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Originally Posted by monsdr View Post
Hi! not sure what much I can offer at the moment, just getting back to pokemon! playing soul silver. I have a togepi (not sure if that interests you)
I also have pokemon black, but don't really play it yet and could get starters from their!

looking for some of the old school starters, such as char, bulba, squirtle and old school legendaries
We only trade on Gen V. Since you don't have much to offer, we'd be
more than glad to donate two or three regular Pokemon that you're looking for.
If you have any shinies, we'd love to trade for them.
Let me know if you have anything to offer or if you'd like a
three maximum trade.

Originally Posted by pokemaster5487 View Post
I`ll take the shiny umbreon I can trade you a regirock,regice,regirock,and a regigigas
That's a really nice deal, but I'm afraid I don't know how to clone Pokemon yet.
If you do, I'd be more than glad to let you clone it for trade, but since it's the only one I have and I don't have many shinies, I don't feel comfortable trading it yet. Sorry