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Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
And out of the closet I come:

- Favorite Episode: Dragone Baby Gone - Bouncing Baby Bunnies Burning Brightly. No, wait, what's a FiW episode. Maybe Read it and Weep then. Or Luna Eclipsed. Or Lesson Zero. Or Stare Master. Or Baby Cakes. This is hard. Even when leaving the specials out.
- Favorite Main Pony: While Rarity having the best lines, Twilight having been amazing in Season 2 and Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy still wins by a large margin. Even did before I saw this. Sooo irresistibly adorable.
- Favorite Side Pony: A very common choice, if not the most common one: Luna. I don't even really know why, I just like her, after Luna Eclipsed she's always been my second favorite pony right after Fluttershy. And yes, even before I saw this.
- About Me: You probably already guessed it, but, yes, Rainbow Dash was already my second favorite main pony and third favorite pony overall before I saw this.
Anyway... when last year or so the MLP hype was being huge and obnoxious, I, for that exact reason, refused to watch an episode, my interest wasn't too big anyway. The hype faded a bit, time passed, and maybe 2 or 3 months ago I randomly stumbled across a pony video on youtube, actually watched it and somehow ended up watching episode 1. First a few minutes of the terribly half-assed German dub, then the original after reading comments about how much better it is. And, eventually, after watching a few episodes, what started out as something someone might call - my useless mind currently lacks a better word - lulz, had already developped into pure enthusiasm. I was so full of joy, it made me jump - and accidentally jump into the bathroom's doorframe. That hurt. A lot.
Okay, you'll be added to the member list, welcome to the club.