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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Well if that passage is meant to say "they're going to Hell but that's not your business to worry about" then it's incredibly interesting why so many Christians believe that it's their duty as Christians to convert other people and save them from that fate.
Because the thing is, that means don't force them. The true way to spread the word is nonchalantly allow them the possibility of accepting the word of Christ and if they do, that's great! You get a cookie.

But if they don't, then well, they didn't want to, and supposedly now is not the time that they will realize the full extent of God's power, however large it really is. You still get a cookie though because you tried.

As a comedian once said, "Jesus never stood on the Mount and said, 'Go forth and hassle!'" It's supposed to be a joke, but sooooooo true.
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