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Oh yeah it's absolutely wonderful that he did the video and I think he should be re-elected based on that alone, I just wish his campaign workers would think a little more sensitively lol

Originally Posted by Lateon View Post
Eventually. Since we are only in our early 20's we're going to wait a couple years. I have a really secure job, but I want better pay first. Then again, who doesn't want a pay raise? lol

Also, children are expensive. Especially if I have anything to say about how spoiled they are. Plus, having them is difficult. Kind missing some of the essential equipment. =P
Haha this is very true. I know it's really early days since you're only my age, but have you put any thought into your options yet, for when the time comes? Like, do you think you'd adopt or would you want your own biological baby with a sperm donor? And if the latter, which of you do you think would carry the baby?

I passionately hate kids and don't want them myself, but I'm always fascinated when gay couples have children and how they choose to achieve it.

Actually on second thought, Usagi answering that question makes it more interesting; lets open it up to errybody!

Do you want children? If so, how do you plan to have them?

We may have done that question before but it was long enough ago that I don't remember everybody's answers haha

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