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Woo more people! Welcome vappy and Shiny Celebi :D

Fabio, you work in a clothes store? I could have sworn you worked for the university on the phones for the IT people. Did that not work out?

Also omg I worked with somebody who was hung over once; it was terrible (you'd think working in a liquor store that'd happen more than once in three years, but I've been lucky I guess). It was a Saturday morning and he was just dead and didn't want to deal with the customers or do anything. So I had to run around filling fridges as well as coming back to serve 90% of the customers because he was just over it. Then the cherry on top of the sundae was when he all of a sudden sprinted out the back with more energy than I'd seen him muster all morning and I heard loud vomitting. I don't know if he made it to the bathroom and I don't want to know - I did not go out there for the rest of the day to find out lol

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