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Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
Hasn't the shounen romance stuff always involved other elements? Just thinking back to stuff like Urusei Yatsura and stuff like that. Also VN stuff often has some sort of supernatural element blah blah.
Shounen Romance, maybe. Visual novels are usually because of the setting. Most of any supernatural element comes off the centerpiece of the show, biggest one i can think of being the Cherry Tree in the Da Capo series. Other than that, it's specific characters or something. I assume it's something like wanting to differentiate themselves from certain classics since it's pretty hard for one without "something different" to sell without some amazing writing.

Pure OVA adaptations generally aren't that good though due to a low amount of time and a decent number of routes. To make a good OVA adaptation, they'd need to jump right into a specific girl's route. Rather, OVAs for VNs these days tend to be more along the lines of "here are the sex scenes we missed cuz we can't air them on TV"