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    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
    School has just started for me
    Also I have been wondering recently about something, so I thought I'd make it the new topic:
    What do you think a Team Rocket Grunt's (or Jessie and James's) wage is?
    I'm still schooling and starting to feel over worked with exam season coming up.

    I'd find that difficult to say as we don't know any wages in pokemon. I'd think that a grunt would get just enough to survive as it looks like team rocket gives them the basics of food and shelter (which begs the question are team rocket members ordinary NPCs when off duty or do they stay in rocket bases?).
    Jessie and James can't make much. Their position in Team Rocket is a little foggy, sometimes they can order grunts around but othertimes they seem the lowest of the low, but given the amont of dept they're in chances are they're not getting paid for a long time (but their best wishes activities may of earned a raise)
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