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    Do you think Eevee should be used more in the anime or given as a starter in future games?

    Yep - totally! Though for main-stream games that hit a wider audience than those who know what they're doing, side-games especially benefit, I think, from Eevee as a starter. I'm please at the genius/madman behind all the recent changes to Pokémon hasn't abondoned Pikachu or Eevee as staples in the series. (I mean, think about it, Eevee's has a lot of coverage!) Nobunaga's Ambition + Pokémon is a title that has Eevee as a "starter" of sorts, I believe (?).

    As far as anime goes, it's unfortunate that Eevee itself hasn't really been in the anime all that much. When it does it evolves, like most Pokemon, but I love Eevee more than them all XP
    However, I somewhat doubt Eevee getting any showtime until Black/White 2. I don't know if they'll do a new show or something, but there will be wild Pokémon other than Unova ones, so perhaps we'll get a glimpse...!

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