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Version 14 is available.

POKéMON Ruby Destiny - Life of Guardians
Version 14 fixes...

- Fixed the tile error in Silver Desert.
- Removed the "May on Bike" in the Whirl Islands.
- Removed the wild Roselia in the waters of Oceanshine City and Silver Desert.
- Fixed the glitching-up tiles in Oceania Sea.
- Fixed the merchant guy in Garden Field.
- Fixed the tree's movement permissions in Fruits' Basket.
- The guy who sells all 50 TM's in Fruits' Basket will stay there, even during Giratina's "negative storm" event.
- You will no longer be able to talk to the boat in Sky Path of the Gento Region.
- Fixed the movement permissions in Rentelbud City of the Gento region.
- Fixed the visible borders in Green Leaf's Oceania Sea.
- Fixed the tiles in Dusk Mountain.
- Fixed the tiles in Dusk Mountain's Mineral Cave.
- Fixed the tiles in Garden Field.
- Fixed the tiles in Silver Desert's Mineral Cave.
- Fixed the tiles in Ice's Edge Path.
- Fixed the tiles and movement permissions in Rainbow City.
- Fixed the tiles in Rainleaf Town.
- Fixed the tiles in the Safari Zone.
- Fixed the tiles in Guardia Town.
- Fixed the tiles in Bouquet Field.
- Fixed Snorunt's growth rate.
- Fixed Eevee's evolutions' growth rates.
- Might/Patty's fishing OW sprites are now fixed.
- A super rod is now available in Rainbow City.
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