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I think the battle clubs idea is actually pretty interesting :3 It'd work great in-game and it'd be a cool way to learn new moves (based on if they include the training side of the clubs from the anime too rather than just the battles), plus it would even help train EVs if they do include the training half (things like Oshawott increasing stamina by swimming against a current or Tepig training speed & evasion by training on the treadmill with the 'shadow balls'). It'd also increase happiness since the trainer has to do the training with the Pokemon (at least they do in the anime) and this would also open up the door to a new mini-game kind of thing c: I also love the idea of being able to train against teams tailored to suit the strategies you want to develop; this is something that should've been available in all games imo - something like a sandbox mode where you create the trainer you want to face in the clubs? Best training possible to face an oncoming gym leader haha.

Also Don George omg <333333333333333
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