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    This is Chapter III, is someone reding this?
    If you are, let me now how I'm doing, please


    When they met, she was eight.
    Her name was Yurika, and that Eevee was later named Konsuera.
    She used to be a short girl with short black hair and red colored cheeks.
    Right now, she’s 14, tall and her hair had grown considerably long, her skin is now pale white.

    It was dawn, Yurika had woke up early… again, she had this weird dream, his father was lying in the floor motionless, her mother crying and holding a knife, and she was just standing there, paralyzed by fear.
    “It’s just a dream” she said, “It’s all gonna be alright”
    She stood up and went out the house, Konsuera was following her around.
    “Let’s go to the Mountains” she said, Konsuera smiled.
    That’s what she likes so much about her Eevee, no matter how dangerous things may sound, Konsuera is always smiling.
    They stopped, looking at the rays of the sunrise crossing along the sides of the mountains, it seemed that they were asleep, a splendid view to the human eye.
    They kept walking around the plains, around them, several Dragonites and Druddigons were flying in a perfect manner, just like it was a carefully rehearsed routine.
    But it then started to hail, it wasn’t a natural hail, it meaned someone had recently commanded their Pokemon to start a Hail and the effect of this haven’t ceased yet.
    “Too bad I didn’t bough my sweater, ha ha” said Yurika in a sarcastic tone, “Let’s go back, Konsuera”
    They walked back to the Dragon Nation, it wasn’t hailing here, but, the air seemed to irradiate death, literally, she knew it, someone had died.
    She then ran back to her home, a simple hut of a very large space, with the characteristic color that wood usually has, and a few sliding doors, she entered this hut, only to find her father lying on the floor, bleeding, and her mother right next to him, standing up with a knife on her left hand.
    “M-mom” said Yurika, while some tears were streaming down her face.
    “I-I’m sorry” she said, letting a small giggle come out, “Take care my dear”
    “N-no!” yelled Yurika, and then, it happened, her mother had died, she knew she had this mental decease, but she never thought she’ll ever get this far, that she’ll take her own life away.
    Yurika ran away to the mountains, it was the only place she could cry alone, without being interrupted, not even by Konsuera, who was following her.
    She ranned until she was almost fainting due to fatigue, and then, she realized she was lost, but, how? She had been in the mountains like a billion times, but she didn’t recognized were she was, it was a Forest, but the trees were frozen, and the air around her was cold.
    “I forgot my sweater, again” she said, Konsuera smiled.
    She decided to keep walking, maybe she could find something that way.
    She haven’t even taken two steps when she heard a voice.
    “Freeze!” said the voice.
    She then turned around, a saw a guy with a huge, blue armor, a guy that had an Articuno behind him.
    It was him, Mitsuhide, the leader of the Blizzard Nation, she was in trouble.
    “How are thou and why are you in a zone that is not allowed to be trespassed?” said Mitsuhide with a kind of desperate voice.
    “If no one is allowed to trespass… What are you doing here?” said Yurika.
    “It’s none of your business, stranger” he said.
    “Well, maybe I’m a stranger, but I happen to have a name!” she yelled.
    “A name I’m not interested to know” he replied.
    They both stared at each other, like if they were trying to intimidate each other, but that wasn’t going to happen, Yurika used to be bullied by the people of Dragon Nation, so she eventually learned to be unafraid of those who look scary, like Mitsuhide, she is afraid of him, but won’t show her fear.
    “I’m Mitsuhide” he eventually said.
    “I’m Yurika” she said, “Pleasure is all yours ”
    “If there was any” he muttered.
    “Are you always that sarcastic?” said Yurika.
    “I don’t know, you tell me” he replied.
    “That’s a nice Articuno” said Yurika.
    “Thanks, it’s imported” he said.
    “I don’t get it” she said.
    ”I wasn’t expecting you to do so” said Mitsuhide.
    “Listen” said Mitsuhide, “I’ve gotta go, get out of here before a Warrior attacks you”
    “I can take all your Warrior together!” she yelled.
    “No you can’t” he replied, “After all, you only got an Eevee”
    Mitsuhide then walked away before Yurika could reply to him. “Whatever” she said to herself, Konsuera hadn’t stop smiling, that relieved her, after all, that was what she liked about her Eevee.
    “Let’s go” she said, Konsuera followed her.
    Maybe if she haven’t argued with Mitsuhide, she would have exited the forest without being spotted, but when she turned around, there was this guy, his face, it seemed as if he was dead, pale white, his eyes were emptily staring at the ground, his armor was black with blue ormaments, his hair was short, black in one side, white in the other, he stared at Konsuera for a while, once he did this, Konsuera stopped smiling, that was surely an odd thing, after that, he stared at Yurika for a minute or two, she was scared, but she wouldn’t show her fear.
    “You” he said in a very low voice, “Why…you…here?
    ”Pardon me, but, what?“ said Turika with a frightened tone.
    ”You… you… should be death, why? Why are you alive?” he said in a seemingly desperate tone.
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Yurika.
    “Of course you don’t… but your mother did” he said, and he then let go off a creepy laugh.
    “What did you meant with that?!” she yelled, almost crying, “What did you did to her?!”
    “It’s a secret” he said, like if it was a joke, “Soon you’ll get to know it” He laughed again while leaving walking backwards, so that he could keep staring at him, once he couldn’t be seen any longer, Yurika kneelt on the ground and started crying, Konsuera was there, smiling, but not as much as she used to a while ago, but that small smirk was enough to calm Yurika down.
    “Let’s get out of here” She said, “Its cold as hell, not literally, though”

    They exited the forest, the sun was hiding and those blue trees were starting to look black, if Yurika didn’t found a place to spend the night, she could maybe die, either by a dicease or just being devoured by a Pokemon.
    Just when she was about to give up, when she was just gonna lie on the floor and die in the middle of the cold night, she saw a small wooden sign that read “Up ahead, Tremolar, the free, independent, freshly founded nation with no Warlords ruling and a way too long description on this wooden sign ”.
    She ran to that Nation, if no one ruled, then they couldn’t deny her access to this one, she was right, she entered this Nation, and then a wooden rest house, it was empty, but very big, so she laid on one of the beds with Konsuera and fell asleep incredibly fast.


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