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Originally Posted by dragonlolz View Post
why dont you release a Package of all your RD mods?
that would make downloading a lot easier...
This thread is for Life of Guardians only. =/
Also, it's just a simple click and wait process to download the three patches of the game.

Originally Posted by Kirby39 View Post
:D. YAY! v14!
EDIT: One thing though, the Super Rod guy is...Uhm...invisible...Hehehe...
He's not invisible in my game.
Maybe an error or a glitch?

Originally Posted by Gold011 View Post
and where is the person who checks how much friendly is your pokemon to me?
Highpoint Town.

Originally Posted by HyperKiller View Post
I started playing this game, loving it so far, but the Venipedes back sprite is rather...... smaller than the front sprite... O_O'
I know.
It's the only available Venipede backsprite, so I can't do anything about it. =/

Originally Posted by hapearson View Post
do you have to beat the e.m's before you can do all the legendary events?
Yes, except for Suvir(good side) / Dohydra(bad side) / Sprizzle(normal side)...

Originally Posted by Gold011 View Post
ok, thanks, hmm, i'm, having some problems with riolu, budew and my recently catched eevee, well, mostly, i want to ask for tips for rasing friendship...oh, and what level do lucario learn aura sphere if that move is on this game?
Aura Sphere is in the game.
About lvl 30-ish, maybe 34+, I think...

Originally Posted by rakireid View Post
Love the rom its so cool thank you

Originally Posted by Monolito View Post
Destine and all the other guys who don't have ROM problems - could you point me to the ROM you're using now? Mugs ain't supported anymore...
Giving links towards ROMs is against PC's global rules.
I'm afraid you'll have to search one yourself.

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