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Okay maybe being hungover dead and spewing out the back is the worst thing to do at work >.>

Has anyone ever had to kick out a customer before or yell at them for being stupid?

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of teenagers came into my shop and just bummed around spent like 12$ between them >.>
We have a fish tank and some were around it and I looked over and one of the little ----s had their hands in the tank trying to grab the fishes!
I had to yell at him and tell him to stop being a douche and he came up to me trying to intimidate me. So scary >.>
I just starred him straight in the eyes and said "Try me."
So he backed off and all his friends started giving it to him for being an idiot and a douche and such. They all left after that and didnt come back .
Thats the closest I've gotten to kicking someones butt out of my shop.