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Originally Posted by pokemews View Post
Hello everybody,

My biggest disappointment in the 5th gen of Poke'mon was "Reuniclus" When I first saw him i was stoked because he looked so cool .and he was a 3 evolution so I kinda had high hopes when it came to battling. I know Its right there in the stats. but he was so slow that I had to dump him. What is the use of a strong poke'mon if they don't even get the chance to attack. or just waite tons of HP every battle waiting to attack . idk.

that was a pretty big let down because i really wanted him to back up my team.

also. a big let down was "Seismitoad" i know i should have been used to the whole water+ground being extra weak to grass. but it just wasnt that good to have on my team. overall in the game and battling with friends. it was just an obvious flaw that made him hard to use. and i did like the design alot so it was hard to let him go.

anyways two poke'mon that i really liked and used well were: Vaniluxe (Sillycone) and Candelure (Candleheart) both of which supported my team in a big way.

peace out.
Well the first one, you could have trick room lol. I agree though, normally I'm used to fast paced pokemon so when it comes to slower mons, I have trouble fitting them into a team.

IMO the most disappointing pokemon in Gen V was Pidove and Co. I really just didn't get a liking to them like I did with the other "starting" birds especially after Staraptor. I just felt like it didn't do as well as they did.

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