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I work at Sainsbury's on checkouts, and yes, I have yelled at customers for being complete morons. Obviously a little more to it than that, but no, the reason they are angry is not to make you angry, but to get whatever the hell they want. I'm not going to pretend I've done it often, only 3 times over 1 1/2 years there, but when you are just stuck there serving customer after customer who treats you like a machine, or you're beneath them, it is just too hard sometimes. When I tell them I'm a student their opinion of me changes so quickly it would be funny if it were not so depressing.

I still remember when I said "hi" to someone and he and the girl he was with started talking about why cashiers bother to talk. I could've punched them. I would've said something back, but I was feeling too drained to at that time. The reason, anyway, is that we're told to, and we get reviewed on how we acted to customers every so often by supervisors watching us. But it is just polite. I don't understand how they did not get it was polite. I'm a human being behind that checkout...