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Originally Posted by Archer View Post
Yeah, I grabbed a few screenshots, I think. Not that many, though. There's a few things that stand out. Large areas, such as the Calm Lands, are clear and crisp to the horizon, not a blurry green mess. Finer details, such as the textures on certain fiends and characters are surprising. Other textures show how bland they are, so you win some you lose some. :P

Even things like a cat in a tent in Besaid. The amount of detail on the face of something you would normally barely be able to make out is brilliant.

I did the same thing with KH2 (I ripped my own discs, before anyone asks). In a way, the simpler "cartoon" textures were better on KH2, because it all scaled so well at that res. Although you can't use any Antialiasing, which is quite evident at higher resolutions. If you have a decent PC, it's strongly recommended. Might try Final Mix at some stage. :P
Yeah, when I've emulated N64, I found anything polygon-based looked amazing but things like background/setting textures didn't hold up so well. I probably wouldn't play at too high a resolution to avoid that somewhat, but the rest of the graphics usually make up for it. HUDs are also kind of disappointing sometimes. XD; If text/icons on the battle screen and whatnot are pre-rendered and stored as small images, they usually look horrible blown up and it's always so obvious next to everything else.

I'm pretty sure I just used my own disc drive when I was playing Re:COM. :3 I wouldn't be adverse to just downloading the games I already own though. Too lazy to figure out how to rip them properly. n_n