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Credits to Daniel Evans for this banner & Mavy42 for the support bars

Hey there, I'm MidnightShine, owner of this shop. Feel free to call me Mid or either Ryan.

OK, this shop is operated under me. I can do lots of things. I try my best to provide you with your graphic needs as fast I can.

How I do it:
Well, I normally use MS Paint from Windows 7. It has great tools & it's simple to use too. If you want to know how I make the rest, you can PM me.

1. Two requests each time you request.

2. Please do not rush me for your request.

3. This place is only for requesting graphic related things. Nothing related to this should be discussed here.

5. All sprites given should be 96x96 or a little bit larger. You may do whatever you want with it when it's done. Just make sure to give credit to me.

6. All works here are NOT for public!!! You may only use the sprite you asked for.

7. When ordering, please use the request from that can be found below this post.

8. If you are not happy the sprite you're given, I am more than happy to redo it for you.

What can we do?
Well, lots of things. A list of what I can do is right below.

- Fusions
- Recolors
- Banners/Userbars (Might come in the future)
- Editing (Cheesy alert)
- PokePhoto's
- VS Sprites
- Trainer & Pokemon OW combination
- Gijinka's
- Holy Recolors
- PokeBolls
- Shadow Recolors
- Trainer Revamps
- Other stuff upon request

What can we edit?
Hmmm, well, this is a tough one. Trainers are the best I got.

You want examples, here they are. If you want examples of the other stuff, PM/VM me.

These are JUST for example purposes only, they are not my best work. I do not take pride in them.

Work-based Examples:

Please find your own resource for the Trainer + Pokemon OW Combination & PokeBoll. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Although mugshots & PokePhoto Backgrounds will be in the attachments.

(VS Background)

Version 1

Version 2

Daniel Evans suggested this to me. So, here it is.

None at the moment. Let's all work together to make it stay this way.


Order Forms:

Username:What Pokemon do you want us to fuse:
How bad do you need it:
Which Pokemon shall we recolor:
Which other Pokemon's color shall we use:
How bad do you need it:
Which background shall I use:
What time will it be:
How many Trainers will be in the photo:
How many 'Mons will be in the photo:
What shall the date be:
How bad do you need it:
(VS Sprite)
Which version would you like:
Which VS Background shall we use:
Who should VS who:
Should we insert names:
How bad do you need it:
Add-on: (Like Plasma VS sign etc......)
(Trainer & Pokemon OW Combination)
Which OW should we use (Trainer + Pokemon):
How bad do you need it?
Trainer type:
How bad do you need it:
How bad do you need it:
(Holy Recolor)
Which Pokemon shall I Holy recolor:
How bad do you need it:
(Shadow Recolor)
Which Pokemon shall I Shadow recolor:
How bad do you need it:
(Trainer Revamp)
Which Trainer from the GBA games shall I revamp:
Which Trainer from HGSS/BW/B2W2 shall I use as the base:
How bad do you need it:

PM us:
If you prefer to PM rather than VM, here is my link.

-PM MidnightShine

22/7/12: Got 5 new requests. So damn busy now. Finished 2 requests today. Red99 asked for my first ever done-for-other-members PokePhoto. Creampuff gave me another request *** challenge. That's it for now, see ya all.

25/7/12: Argh, so many requests...... Lost track of them. So busy too, I'm going nuts!!! BTW, I thinking of adding PokeBoll's to my list.

26/7/12: I'm so proud I got a new emblem. 'Pixel Salesman' awarded to me by Logiedan. Thnx Logiedan so much!

27/7/12: Happy Birthday, Logiedan!!! I finished Daniel Evans's request & also uploaded Helios1995's request.

29/7/29: Finished another 2 requests. I did my first ever made-for-other-people PokePhoto. Also updated my list of offers.

30/7/12: My right pointer finger is really messed up now. All requests are now delayed till further notice.

31/7/12: I have updated my original post with 2 new sections. I now offer coaching as well. I have asked Logiedan. Hope it is OK to provide coaching.

9/8/12: Haven't entered a journal entry for a while now. Closing this temporarily.

So, that's it. I hope to serve your graphic needs in the near future. Thnx & have fun ordering.
~Mid, B2W2's Biggest Fan
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