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Finished playing Hoenn!

- Defeated the flying gym with Manectric with ease. Only altaria was a bit of a problem
- Caught a Vulpix and immediatly evolved it into a Ninetails!
- Beat Team Aqua a bunch of times...
- Defeated the Psychic twins with mainly Pelippers Surf
- Defeated Team Aqua once more
- Defeated Kyogre with Manectric
- Defeated the water gym with mainly Manectric.
- A lot of grinding, all my pokemon were between level 45 and 50 before the league
- Defeated the league and it's Champion!

The most important Pokemon in the league were probably Ninetails and Manectric, but also Lunatone, Sandslash and Pelipper were important.
Ninjask was sadly useless in the leaque, because it was OHKO by almost evere pokemon it fought...

My team in the end:

Pal the Pelipper lvl. 52
- Fly
- Ice beam
- Surf
- Wing attack

Nuno the Ninjask lvl. 46
- Slash
- Fury cutter
- Aerial ace
- Toxic

Milly the Manectric lvl. 51
- Thunder
- Spark
- Bite
- Return

Looney the Lunatone lvl. 51
- Psychic
- Hypnosis
- Shadow ball
- Rock throw

Dara the Sandslash lvl. 48
- Slash
- Strength
- Earthquake
- Brick break

Vix the Ninetails lvl. 49
- Will-o-wisp
- Confuse ray
- Facade
- Flamethrower

Also the proof:

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