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    Originally Posted by Shaly View Post
    No more updates ? don't abandon!
    Don't worry this game isn't abandoned, having a major update really, new scripts, Essentials upgrade, more maps being completed, more events being done, more graphics being drawn up, more of the storyline implemented, lot's to do within the game, lot's of NPC's added and more!

    The game thus far has been evented all the way up to badge 7 of 8 now, when badge 8 is done, I will play test a couple times, then a download will be available and if no errors persist after my play testing, then I guess this game will be a finished game, (excluding a few graphics missing... Also, I have something special planned for after the Pokémon League too.) which I will be pleased to announce, not too long now .

    Need Some help though if anyone is interested, please look at OP...

    Sorry for lack of updates, been sorting everything out and getting the game somewhat complete, I will post a lot of screenshots and update the OP during my game testing, so you all can see what I've been up to.