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Originally Posted by Kaori View Post
To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if the ice is just a hint for something in the game, and it's just there for the looks. I mean we've already seen that side of the region before. Why would they hide it? Of course there's possible new places but I mean they've shown us the other half of Unova...
Well yeah, I mean it's likely that they went with ice instead of clouds (as they have in the past), to go with the fact that the mascot Pokemon is Ice type.
But they're obviously hiding it because they've changed something about it. If you think about it, in BW you couldn't access Eastern Unova at all until after you'd beaten the League, but now that Kyurem is the mascot legendary it's almost certain we're going to be able to battle it before the League, meaning they've done SOMETHING with at least Giant Chasm to make it more suitable to the main story.
Also, there's always Undella Town, Black City/White Forest, it's highly likely the latter have been changed or something, so to keep us wondering they've covered it up. Although they may well just announce some of these things anyway, as they did with the Frontier in HGSS XD

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