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    Hi, new to the forums.
    I'm currently messing around with concepts before jumping into making a hack, working on scripts and map editing. What I would like to do is have a Pokemon Center in Pallet, so I copied the map and inserted as 4.5 (used 4.4 as another location too), renamed it so it was part of Pallet, set the warps etc.
    In terms of normal use as a pokemon center, it works fine!
    But when I white out from a battle, it sends me to Viridian PC

    Uploaded a video (below) to show what I mean - sorry for the quality, my computer sucks.
    EDIT: Can't give a direct link because I haven't made 15 posts, so at risk of being banned:
    YOUTUBE URL + /watch?v=k5EAsB27G0o

    Anybody come across a solution for this before? I've been googling for 2 hours now, just don't know what keywords to type in.