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    Background Info: I'm running Windows XP, I saw this a while back but didn't really check it out till just yesterday. I originally installed v0.14, but didn't play it for long before I updated to v0.15. I took the "Patch (v0.15)" file out of the v0.14 folder, deleted v0.14, and extracted v0.15 into it's own folder. From there, I've been playing v0.15 and I've discovered a few problems.

    1) I cannot buy anything from PokeMarts. I've made it as far as Pewter City, and neither it's, not Veridian City's PokeMarts work for me. Is there any way we could just spawn pokeballs for use or something? It's going to be pretty hard to Catch 'Em All without being able to buy anything.

    2) On the Rival battle that occurs West of Veridian City, in conversation, you're rival refers to you as "Yellow" rather than what you have named yourself.

    3) Upon returning Oak's Parcel to him, you are given the conversation: Oak: Oh, (Trainer Name)! How is my old POKEMON?
    Well, since we are the ones to catch Pikachu in the beginning, the text for this needs to be modified.

    4) Due to Prof. Oak allowing you to use Weedle at the beginning of the game, Weedle shows up in the Pokedex as a Pokemon that you have already caught.

    5) This one is a killer, when you enter Veridian Forrest, everything works fine (although I am kind of curious as to why the pathway goes Left and Right when you are going up through the door to head to the forrest), HOWEVER, when you attempt to exit the forrest at the North or South entrance, it forces me to get stuck in a wall. When I exit North, pressing Down then Up allows me to escape and be on my way, but the South exit is completely trapping and glitches for me.

    Also, in your post #360 of this thread when you were asking opinions about the battle screen, my suggestion is to make sure that the trainers are always in the center of the disc they are standing on, not off to one side. I like the 2nd image of Pidgeotto where it is in the air. As for option A and B at the bottom, both are fine, if fact, you should use option A for when the user has a larger Pokemon so that things fit better and option B otherwise.
    Additionally, I personally do not care for the image I saw for the update where for the user's pokemon healthbars overlapped one another in a 2 vs. 2 battle. Spread out the screen more, such as the circular pads that the pokemon stand upon. This will help Pokemon Overlapping issues.

    I messed around with a photo in Paint, it looks very crude, but the reason I made it was to get a point across of how you could spread things out so that they would still look good. Primarily what I did, was spread out the base that the pokemon are on and move them closer to the middle. I will try to post it again at a later date. To view the photo, please copy the link below and remove the spaces in it and replace the DOT's with a (.)
    http: // i296 DOT photobucket DOT com/albums/mm193/WandererTJ/new-size-double-battle-close2 DOT png

    On another note, I was hoping 1) that the controls could be listed not only at the game's start, but also in the save select screen, or even in a Read Me when you download the game. Also, 2) could you add more to the in-game options such as skipping animations or allowing to skip/speed up text.

    Is it possible to increase the screen size at all? It's pretty small on my screen, and while full screen would be a bit too much, I'd at least like to double what it is now.
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