Thread: B2/W2: Evil team change?
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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

I'm sure he does but not sure that that follows into new evil teams. xD

I don't really see a new team, tbh. The "red and blue things" around the region were mentioned in the context of this image:

Which looks far from evil and much more like a Musical addition than an evil team's base. If they did bring in a new evil team, I would guess they would bring in a brand new one instead of an old one across an entire ocean.

Actually, I saw this on YouTube, its some sort of movie (somewhere around there) theater, and it could be a side quest.
There isn't anymore known about it, at the moment anyway.
I highly doubt team Magma and team Aqua will appear. Gamefreak will probably never do that, unless the make a re-make of Sapphire and Ruby.