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    Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
    Riot doesn't do a very steady job when it comes to punishing players from where I see anyhow.
    There are a few trials the reported person has to pass:

    - The person that broke the rules must be reported for his/her behaviour, whenether he/she broke the rules.
    - If this person gets reported for 1 or more games it will be sent in the tribunal. More reported games means more evidence, since all games will be bound to the same player. Meaning that before you read the first game, you can read through the other games the reported person got reported for.
    - The tribunal is a voting system that is available for players on level 30. These players can vote whenether a report is fair or not.
    - In the report you will see the champion the reported person played, his selection of items, stats, the chatlog from the entire game, the outcome of the game, and the reason for reporting and if it were allies or enemies that reported him.
    - In order to keep the verdicts fair, riot rewards the people who got the most votes along with IP.
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