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Originally Posted by alehizzle View Post
The more I think about it, they happier I would be for there to be a Spanglish version of the game instead of a full English translation. That would give this game a very unique feel, since it's already basically set in Mexico. For the love of all that you hold sacred, leave the ridiculously simple phrases alone.

Anyone recall how Assassin's Creed left little bits of Italian in the script? That made the world actually feel like Italy. Really simple stuff like (from one of the screenshots, for example) "Mi nombre es Scarlet" is fine the way it is. People who say "hi" in the script should say "hola" or whatever other Spanish phrases for "hi" there are and continue, but in English. Family titles (mom, dad, grandma, etc.) should all be in Spanish. Really small stuff like that would make this game absolutely golden. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this.
I totally agree with you...

Now that I think about would make the game perfect...
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