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    Originally Posted by Dark Zoroark View Post
    Sorry for those who've been waiting to get their teams. I've been very busy with school work. Anyways, here are the teams you've all been waiting for.

    You appear to be the Jolly Type. You are always happy and try your hardest to make other people happy. No rainy day can put you down and you always find the best in others. A jolly type like you would be the pokemon...

    Your final team would look like this:

    Looks like your ready! Now leap into the world of Pokemon!
    EDIT: I'll be doing more so please be patient.
    I forgot to say I can't trade... So Kingdra and Gengar will be a problem.
    Is it possible I can get a redraw for those two?

    The rest of the teams look great! Also Magmar is only available in LeafGreen, but that won't be a problem.