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    Hi guys,
    So today was finally the day that I was able to beat Red with my Mystery Dungeon team :D
    Wanna know how it went? Then go ahead and click that beautiful button below!


    My Final Team:

    Poliwhirl LVL. 59
    - Surfer
    - Waterfall
    - Blizzard
    - Hydro Pump

    Comment: Out of all my Pokemon Poliwhirl was probably the least usefull after I had aquired the 8th Badge in Johto. In the Elite 4 it was only really helpfull with while fighting Bruno as it really owned his Onixes hard. Sadly though in the rematch Bruno threw both Onixes out of his team, rendering Poliwhirl completely useless when facing the Elite 4 for the second time. While beating the Kanto-Gym Leaders it defenitely shined in the fight against Brock, but in the other fights all I used it for was tanking attacks while I healed my team.

    Rapidash LVL. 69 @ Amulet Coin
    - Bounce
    - Flame Wheel
    - Flare Blitz
    - Stomp

    Comment: Rapidash was incredibly awesome when I first got it as a Ponyta on the route before Victory Road. It always did a great job in sweeping physically or even flinch-locking enemy-pokemon with endless chains of Stomp-Attacks. However when I started rematching the Elite 4 it wasn't as usefull anymore, since Pidgeot's Fly-Attack was just as strong as Rapdiashes Bounce when facing fighting-types and Onix (respectively Steelix) was as good at covering the Bug-Types. It wasn't completely useless, especially not in the fight against Red, but it was not as strong as I had expected it to be.

    Pidgeot LVL. 71 @ Leftovers
    - Fly
    - Air Slash
    - Tailwind
    - Feather Dance

    Comment: Besides from always getting me to the places I wanted to, Pidgeot was a great member of my team during this run. It buffed and debuffed like crazy with it's awesome Tailwind and Feather Dance, it sweeped nicely with Fly and Air Slash and thanks to Leftovers and its' awesome HP-Stat it also had the survivebility to do all of this reliably.

    Steelix LVL. 84 @ Wide Lens
    - Stealth Rocks
    - Stone Edge
    - Crunch
    - Iron Tail

    Comment: I only have one word for Steelix: awesome. Its' Ground-type and high Defense-stat enabled Steelix to crush every single Electric-Pokemon throughout the whole game (even as Onix before I evolved it). This Pokemon won me fights that seemed to be lost already more than once.

    Ampharos LVL.94 @ Choice Specs
    - Thunder
    - Discharge
    - Power Gem
    - Signal Beam

    Comment: Ampharos was the star of my team. It didn't seem to be quiet that awesome before I first challenged the Elite 4, but when I did so, I immediately realized how helpfull it would actually become. Due to Power Gem, Signal Beam and Discharge/Thunder it had such a great Coverage that it pretty much owned the Elite 4 on its' own. With Discharge and Signal Beam only it could easily take out Will's entire team, with the same attacks it also quickly disposed of Karen. Finally thanks to Power Gem and ofc again Discharge/Thunder it brought Lance to his knees all by itself. I have nothing but respect for this awesome pokemon, I had never used it prior to this run, but from now on I will defenitely use it very often in the future.

    Slaves: Snorlax for moving boulders and climbing stuff like a sir and Totodile to cut down spikey plants

    The fight against Red:

    ....RED .............. TRUTH


    The fight started out with my Steelix facing Red's Pikachu. Now thanks to Steelix being a Ground-Type Pikachu's Elelctric-Attacks were all useless in this matchup and so it had to rely on Quick Attack and Iron Tail, both ineffective attacks against Steelix. Because I knew I had a lot of time here, I first had Steelix set up two layers of Stealth Rocks and then sweeped Pikachu off the ground with Stone Edge. This was very close, but I was able to one-hit it, because it had already taken some damage from the Hail that was giving the whole fight a very dramatic character


    This round was over very quick. When Red sent Blastoise into the fight it immediately took some good damage from the Stealth Rocks Steelix set up and so all it took was a Choice Specs-boosted Discharge by Ampharos and Blastoise went down.


    This fight was pretty similar to the round before. Again Lapras took damage by the Stealth Rocks and again Ampharos one-hitted it afterwards.


    This one was tough. Snorlax again was damaged by the Stealth Rocks at first, but afterwards it took out my Steelix with 2 Blizzards supported by the constant Hail damage, while my Steelix wasn't able to really deal enough damage to it.


    Because Steelix didn't really stand a chance against Snorlax I sent my Ampharos in afterwards. Now since I had just swapped it out, the Choice Specs were reset, which allowed me to use a devastating Thunder-Attack against Snorlax, which finished it off.


    Charizard took some very heavy damage from the Stealth Rocks when it was sent it by Red and therefore it didn't stand the slightest chance again the following Thunder-Attack by Ampharos.


    Now with Red's last pokemon it really got interesting. First I swapped out Ampharos, because it was locked in Thunder, which wouldn't have dealt much damage against Venusaur, and sent in Rapidash. Rapidash got one nice Flare Blitz off, which, supported be Stealth Rocks and the Hail brought Venusaur to about 2 HP! In the next round though, Red healed up Venusaur and Rapidash missed with Flare Blitz, which gave Venusaur the possibility to use Sleep Powder on Rapidash and render it useless.


    Since Rapidash was asleep, I switched it out with Pidgeot. Pidgeot's Leftovers really came in very handy in this fight, because the were able to constantly heal the damage dealt by Hail, which pretty much made Hail a DoT that was only working for me :D First Pidgeot struck Venusaur with Fly, which again brought Venusaur into the red HP-area. Again it was healed by Red and sadly the following Fly-Attack missed. This again gave Venusaur the possibility to make my Pidgeot fall asleep with Sleep Powder. I didn't switch out Pokemon this time however and wait about 2 round until Pidgeot woke up. During these two rounds Venusaur first healed itself a bit using Giga Drain and then hit my Pidgeot really hard with Sludge Bomb. After Pidgeot had woken up again, I had it use Air Slash, which brought Venusaur into the red HP-area for the third(!) time. Again it was healed and then the Hail finished off Pidgeot, since it always strikes prior to Leftovers.


    As I had expected it, it all came down to Ampharos. When I switched it in, Venusaur had already again taken two Hail-hits, which finally enabled me to finish it off with a boosted Signal Beam-Attack.

    BAM! I won :D

    Pictures or didn't happen?

    This is a picture of my team after the fight against Red. Don't get confused by the Pokemon's names, I'm playing the german version of HeartGold.

    And here you can see my Trainer-Card after the fight against Red. You can see that I have all the 16 Badges and my pretty damn high playtime of about 40 hours (leveling without Rare Candies takes long ).

    Sadly I have no picture of me winning against red, because I didn't know the text-boxes saying that I won and earned money disapeared by themselves when winning against Red. Therefore I wasn't fast enough to take a picture of that :/ I have a pictore of the empty top of Mt. Silver however haha:

    That's it, I'm done! Gonna move on to Emerald now :D
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