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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Also people that want to have a long conversation with you while theirs people waiting behind them yet you dont want to be rude so you just try and end the conversation but they keep going? Ugh hate those people!
Yes! I hate those people too, but at the very least you can say they're being friendly, which kind of cancels out the annoyance a little bit. The ones that annoy me more than that are the ones that stand there sorting themselves out at the counter while there are a line of people behind them. They stand there, putting their coins and notes in the separate compartments of their wallets, putting their wallets in their handbags, picking up their items - every so often putting them in the backpacks they bring - before they finally shuffle off, leaving you and the next customer feeling a little frustrated.

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
One thing that really annoys me about my job is how customers misread or ignore the small print and then complain and claim that we're a bunch of tricky crooks, out to get their money when it is their fault for not being able to read it in the first place. Also when they say they're going to report us for false advertising because something mis-scans or a sign fell down...
I had one of these just last week. He brought a case of beer to the counter that was $45, but it had been on special for $34 the previous week. When I said it was $45, he gave me this affronted look and said, "No, it's $34!" then pointed to the one sign that nobody ever looks at, which was coincidentally the one sign we had forgotten to change back to the regular price.

So because he saw that, we had to give it to him for $34, which is fine. But then he kept going on about it, seeming to think that we the staff were conspiring to rip him off. He asked me, "how many people have you gotten with that one today?" I laughed, figuring he was joking, but he was deadly serious and made that incredibly clear until he left.

He didn't seem to understand the reality of what was going on; so once I'd had enough with the happy pretense I dropped my voice and said "The actual price is $45. We forgot to change one of the signs and you noticed it, so you get it cheaper. Congratulations."

I'm still not sure the deluded prick believed me.

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