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    It's been a long time since my last post here but I've been busy with uni and other things, anyway I didn't stop developing PokeNation and I don't plan on stopping it :p

    As I said on my last reply I was working on music system, and here it is:

    The website has been started and is in its early development.

    Forum has been opened as well here: Join to post some suggestions or something :p

    Now let's answer some question from the last replies!

    Originally Posted by Nobololol View Post
    Looks cool! But i have few questions.

    1. Will the game have somekind of story and gym leaders? Or just player vs player battles?
    2. How many Pokemon game will have when ready? And from what generation?
    3. Will the game have Fakemon? How many?
    4. What are the starting pokemon?

    Sorry for my bad english
    1. I'm not sure if it will have a "story", but there will be gyms, quests, and some other things that I won't reveal :p PvP battles will also be present.
    2. I haven't decided yet, but at least Gen III or IV.
    3. I'm not thinking on adding any Fakemon since i'm not a fan of it. Unless someone suggests it and many people approve the idea.
    4. The starter pokemons are all the starters from the Gen III or IV.

    Originally Posted by rufflestiltskin View Post
    I second all of Nobololol's questions, but I'm also wondering, are you only planning on creating Kanto and Johto (since those are the only ones listed)? Later in development are you going to try and add other regions, or is the possibility unrealistic? I understand there's lots of problems with tilesets matching up and the like. Will only Kanto/Johto pokemon be included then?
    As you said creating many regions while keeping a tileset style will not be easy, unless I can find some spriters that are able to join this project. Anyway I plan on doing at least Johto and Kanto, but later I hope to have other region and custom regions/maps aswell.

    Originally Posted by fuz View Post
    Looks very pretty.
    What protocol are you using for your MMORPG?

    Do you have a battle engine?
    Generically I'm using TCP protocol to make communication between client and server, I'm not sure if that was your question :o

    I didn't start working on battle engine yet, but there are one or two engines already made in java that I can take a look to see the basics.

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