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    Originally Posted by godlesplay View Post
    of course, add as much as possible
    Thanks godlesplay, because of the positive feedback here and in other forums i will add more.

    Originally Posted by DaleH771 View Post
    I'm loving the looks of this hack. The storyline looks good and the events featured in some of the screenshots look promising and require a decent level of scripting!

    Only thing I don't really like (isn't much of an issue at all though!) are the Poke Centre/Mart tiles. Is that how they look on B/W as theyre the only ones I didn't play. loving the looks of this however, can't wait for a Beta!
    The B/W don't look like that, i'm just experiment palletes in that day.
    Oh...and thanks DaleH .

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    good update. Can't wait to see the 3rd mystery pokemon.
    Thanks qaz .

    Nothing to show for now, i'm not hacking for a week by now.
    I've been sick... so i'm starting the work again by Monday.
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