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hello, i have been using most of your tools since the end of last year "

Pokemon RB trainer editor :

tried opening in windox fails to open the pokemon red E/U roms.

GymEdit GB :

extra's overworld editor resets the level of the event pokemon in the moltres slot to 50 after closing the window.

Challenge! Starter and Rival Editor :

the pokemon and levels set properly...but some time the rival uses odd moves.

* ninetales only using roar against grass pokemon *

MartEdit GB:

works very well...some items cost zero currency.

* moonstone, ether, etc... *

TradeEdit GB :

works very well "

* no known problems *

PrizeEdit GB :

works very well !!

* no problems detected *

Pokemon RB Title Screen Pokemon Editor :

mewtwo sets as magicarp...while mew sets as mewtwo.

* unsure how to set mew to the title screen *

Pokemon RBY Wild Pokemon Editor :

slowpoke sets slowbro...while slowbro sets slowpoke.

* this one was from your website *

this is all my experience from using the latest versions as of last week.

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