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Oh I have to join.

What is your favourite series made by Square-Enix?
Kingdom Hearts for sure, such a fantastic series!
Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?
This is a really tough one, but I have always liked King Mickey and Riku
(Especially when he goes good)

What console(s) do you hope Kingdom Hearts III will be on?
What two Keyblades would you double wield?
Oh does it have two be Keyblades in the game?Or can I make up my own? (Ill answer this later) What would you name the Keyblade of Master Xehanort himself?
(I haven't played the game its in! Oh noes!) But looking at a picture I'd probably call it Gauntlet, or Gallos. Diablo could probably even work.
What new Disney worlds do you hope will be introduced in KH3D?
Ugh Disney >.> I only know what's been done in I and II sooo I don't wanna name any worlds already used >.> I think it would be cool if they used some more Final Fantasy worlds though.
What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts game and why?
Has to be I and II tied. They are both amazing and I loved them both. The story line, the combat (A square enix game with real combat... YAY!) The graphics, voice acting, just everything was great! Plus they were the only two I could play
If you could play as any KH villain (or, in some cases, allies), who would it be?
Sephiroth, my god. That'd be amazing!

Also I love how all these questions are about Kingdom hearts when its a Square Enix Club.
So I'd like to bring up Final Fantasy Advent Children. Did anyone watch or like this? I thought it was amazing!

And I would reply to Lightnings post but theres to much in that for me to handle atm >.>
But I will agree some of those name translations are horrible.