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Welcome to the club Sector

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge
Abortion: I oppose to this objective. Having a child should be a life-changing moment, and not only that, it should be a joyful moment. If you're pregnant, you're pregnant. After all, having a baby is like gaining a new best friend, as you spend everyday with that child for the next 18-20 years of your life. Who wouldn't want that? I don't see why the parents of a daughter or son who just found out they are having a baby, would get ballistic and kick them out for it and so forth like the way the society is. Which tend to lead to abortion because of the fear to tell their parents about it.
I should preface this by saying that I am in favour of abortion, so therefore I disagree with your views on the matter. But I have to say that even if I were against abortion like you, I would take issue with your reasoning. When it comes down to it, what you've said is "having a child is a good thing so everybody must feel happy about it regardless of if they ever wanted children or not, because after all, what kind of crazy person wouldn't want a baby?"

But the reality is far different. Some people don't want kids, some people are not thrilled at the idea that they're pregnant and want a way out of it that does not result in 18-20 years of life with their 'new best friend'. It really isn't as simple as your post would have us believe. If you're against abortion that's absolutely fine, I'm not trying to attack you for that - I just think there has to be better reasoning behind it than that.
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