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Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
This is just a feature some friends thought would be pretty neat - the ability to set nicknames for Pokemon belonging to NPCs, mostly for just major characters and the like.
To set the scene, you can already define the species/level/IVs/held item/moveset/shininess/Shadowness of a trainer's Pokémon.

Off the top of my head, the following properties may also be fair game for being defined: form/gender/nature/ability/happiness/EVs/nickname/ballused.

That's a huge amount of things. I will certainly add more options, but I'd rather not add all those in if I can help it. EVs and ballused will probably not be options, and I'm unsure about happiness and nature.

Cue the cries of: "But I want it all!" Give me good reasons, then.
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