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I have to agree with Andy and say I'm pro abortion. The female should have the right to decide whether or not she wants to have a child. And Sector, saying that they should want to spend the next 18-20 years of their life is ignorant as Toujours said. I don't want to see the thread turn into an argument about abortion but I believe there should be a choice and if you get pregnant you shouldn't be forced to go through with it if you don't think you're ready or that you couldn't handle it. That is not fair on any of the involved parties to do that.

And droomph, saying someone whose making a lot of money and is older should be forced to have a child is just ridiculous. It should still be a life choice as they are going to be the person(s) raising the child and if they didn't want a child in the first place it could be a very lonely and sad experience for the child to grow up with.