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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
I used to work at CVS for about six months back from October 2009 to April 2010. I left because my boss was a dick and only gave me four hours every other week. I start retail work again next Saturday at RiteAid. I don't have any stories or anything like that about the horrors of working retail, because I generally found working in retail to be somewhat enjoyable and where I live most people who go there are pretty polite and patient people. Though there was a cranky old bat that came in one day asking me for medicine (because as a store clerk in the front of the store, pharmacy is something I am expected to know a thing or two about with what the pharmacy being a different part of the store and all) most appropriate for whatever problem she was having (I forget what it was).
Sorry this is a rant about stupid customers/experience club only you cant join..

Just kidding! Welcome! I hope you have some terrible experiences soon that you can tell us about so we can all share the pain. xD
Its funny how people think because you're behind a desk or in front of a cash register you know everything about everything in the store. (stupid people -.-')

Another one from me:

A lady came in a bought something for 12 dollars and gave me a 20 dollar note. I give her back 8 dollars change and she just stands there and looks at me. After 10 seconds she asks me wheres the rest of her change and Im like.. "I gave you all your change?"
She replies with "No, I gave you a 50$ note. Wheres the rest of my change?"
"No lady.. you gave me a 20$ note.. you gave me this note right here, I only have one fifty in the register and that's from the person before you."
"You still have a fifty dollar note in your wallet ma'am, you went to give it to me then put it back and gave me a 20$ instead."
"Thats just not true stop trying to steal my money I gave you 50$"

This went on for a few more minutes until I got the muks and told her I'll count the till if you want and prove to you that you gave me a 20$ note.
After that she just made a few noise and said "Don't worry about it but I did give you a 50$ note." Then she left as I repeated, no you didnt.

Ugh that was a frustrating experience.