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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post

Oh wow. I just realized what I typed up, I had no idea what I was even thinking at the time. Sorry xD But good responses by Toujours & CarefulWetPaint, both are absolutely correct.

Honestly? I seriously could careless about Abortion, I have no say in this as I've never experienced it. Yeah sure, I'd probably think differently if I knew or experienced it with someone I know personally, but haven't. And usually if I had no idea how to answer or don't want to answer, I would had just skipped it and waited for the next question. I've been asked this before and just can't bring myself to opinionated about it either. I will say that I hope all make the right decision upon coming to this major life decision. It's definitely not one to fool around with.

My apologies for the confusion..I'll be more careful next time I answer something this complex! I seriously had no idea what I was thinking earlier when I typed that up..Hope it didn't offend anyone, the least I wanted to do was that...

It's fine man, just remember you have to tread very very carefully with touchy subjects such as this to ensure that no flame wars follow. So next time just be a little bit more careful and re-read what you type when talking about subjects like abortion.

Besides that once again welcome to the club and I hope you get involved with future discussion's and topics